I Balayaged My Hair & The Results Are…..

Hello lovelies. It wasn’t all that long ago when I dedicated a post to 11 tips for restoring your hairs health before colouring/bleaching. I thought I was going to wait one more month, or two before committing to Bayalage, but I couldn’t stop thinking about having a new colour to rock on my head for the warmer weather. It was time for a change! I love that hair is our greatest, natural accessory that we can change with ease. We can change the colour, style, cut, add extensions to alter length, or enhance volume- which I know a lot of you, (myself included) can’t live without volume. & if we don’t feel like changing our hair with something a little more permanent/drastic, there’s always wigs.

So as some of you know I’ve been taking hair, skin and nail supplements (that I mentioned in my  hair health post) I remember finding the supplements in Shoppers and have been taking them ever since. Anyway, let’s just say that I worked hard to try to get my hair looking, and actually being healthier than usual, especially if I was going to throw a change at it. I was a little hesitant with the process of Balayage I thought my hair was going to undergo the bleaching process! But I went on and booked my appointment anyway.

My Hair Dresser is someone I’ve been going to for years, (she always knows how to style my hair in ways that flatter my face shape, and she’s the only one that I trust with colouring my hair) So before I continue my post I’d love to say a special thanks to Sherry from Fashion Hair Salon for always making me look extra gaugousss than usual, + for taking the photos of how my new, on point hair is slaying. & If you can’ tell by now, I’m loving this hair so much that I couldn’t stop spamming my boyfriend, family and bestie billions of “new hair, don’t care photos”. (I spammed my best friend so much that she even stopped replying to me last night! Love her <3)

As promised here are the results of my Balayage:

I was told that to achieve the colour that I wanted, there was more use of toners and hair colour over bleach. (& I didn’t end up requesting Olaplex as there was no need!) The hair dye used was called Igora and the end result has left my hair looking shinier, and softer than ever. My hair even seemed to blow dry easily without much frizz. The colour (and it depends on the light) reminds me of a honey blonde? The colour was made to resemble the colour of my extensions so that they’ll blend better when and if I choose to wear them out 🙂 My extensions are by GBB #18/ Pepper Blonde. My natural colour is Ash Brown.


Gaugousssse Hair 


My Fringed Backpack is making a cameo on the counter.


Sherry Blended my original hair colour and the new one perfectly


One more look from the back


Just a happy Zaychishka in this shot. Sweater from the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet for $5.99, Regular $69.99 (outrageous price drop..I stocked up on these for next winter!) Lipstick By NYC expert Last in Forever Fuchsia #447. Hair Colour by Schwarzkopf Igora professional at Fashion Hair Salon.

I also want to say that the Balayage trend can look good on anyone, but you need to think of what colours will suit your feature before proceeding! I think I got lucky with choosing the right colour for my hair, anyways I hope this post will inspire you for your summer hair goals, and maybe you’ll discover a new colour that can work on you if you too have ash brown hair 🙂

-Xo Zaychishka

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