Honest Thoughts: Caroline Stanbury Is My Favourite Bitch

That’s right you read that correctly I have a favourite Bitch, and I’m being honest when I say that. Today I feel like showing you what a Fashion Blogger thinks about other than what to wear this season. Sometimes I admire women for no apparent reason it seems, and Caroline Stanbury has held my attention since watching Ladies Of London. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure next to K-pop drama’s where I often crave to try Kimbap and use words like “Oppa” or “Dai” in a sentence. (Doctor stranger, Angel Eyes, Fated To Love You- are a few fave Korean drama’s of mine) But this post isn’t about my guilty viewing pleasures, it’s all about my favourite blonde, skinny bitch who makes Ladies Of London worth watching, and wasting an entire hour of my life at a time.

Caroline Stanbury is a British lady and socialite who grew up with wealthy beginnings a part of that whole British aristocracy thing. She’s rumoured to have dated Hugh Grant (which she denies profusely) and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. She’s now married to Cem Habib who she has three children with. + She’s been a personal stylist. But what interests me about her life is that she got to attend boarding school. I don’t know why but sometimes I wish I could have gone to a British boarding school, wouldn’t it be fun?  The closest thing my family has ever had to having someone in boarding school was when my aunt sent my cousin off to Hong Kong. And one time I stayed at a ranch,-all I was missing were burberry riding boots & breeches, I soo would have been just like all those girls attending high society boarding schools. Did you know Caroline’s boarding school taught girls how to get in and out of a Porsche the right way without showing off their knickers?


Now you’re probably wondering how I determined a favourite bitch (like who even has a favourite bitch? ME), let me explain. Caroline Stanbury is that woman whose approach to life is to let shit that weighs you down roll off your back. Say what you want she doesn’t seem to be phased, she has a backbone, she’s had businesses and she’s known failure, but she’s survived. She’s the type who’s not afraid to speak her mind even when cameras are forever capturing every word.  If I could I’d emulate a little bit of her backbone into my life. Sometimes it’s easy to let people push you around in life, because you’re afraid of being insensitive or stepping on their toes. But you’ve got speak your mind, be honest to yourself- because at the end of the day you have your own mind and heart to answer to. That’s why being a bitch sometimes ain’t all that bad, and that’s just another reason why Caroline Stanbury is my favourite bitch.

Anyway I also love Caroline’s massive closet aka walk in wardrobe (if you’ve never seen it, I provided a youtube video below, just so that you can understand this ridiculous raving).  It’s as if she has a department store within her own home. She has a designated area for her enviable shoe collection, handbags -while her sunglasses have their own drawer that is reminiscent of ones luxury shops would have. What’s more she believes that her own husband is taking up too much space in her closet, and that is something I can’t stop laughing about #JustGirlyThings.

And, as you might know I have a little sweater addiction, and well I adore all of Caroline’s sweaters. I think she’s my spirit animal, if animals besides Chihuahuas wore sweaters. I also can’t even get enough of her hair it’s platinum and that bob.. she really pulls it off. One day when I’m older I’m probably going to attempt this sleek and polished look of hers. All I can say now is . Gorgeous hair, gorgeous style, gorgeous closet. 




This sweater tho.If I had a blonde bob like hers I’d be rocking this outfit too.


Are you seeing this? It’s for real.


The moment when Caroline is thinking of donating her bag to Zaychishka. #Hopeful.


I am so fab, check out; I’m blonde, I’m skinny, I’m rich and I’m little bit of a bitch. -Donatella, Lady GaGa. 



I hope you enjoyed the post, and some of my ridiculousness. Don’t forget to comment, like or subscribe to the Zaychishka Style Blog !

-Xo Zaychishka #TeamCarolineS

13 thoughts on “Honest Thoughts: Caroline Stanbury Is My Favourite Bitch

  1. Wow ..I never knew about her. I know some fashionistas like Daphne Guinness. I love reading your blog because you really think about subjects ! It’s more than outfits of the day but actual opinions! Which I love by the way …I love people who think about the world around them


    1. Well you’ve just taught me a new fashionista also. I’ve never heard of Daphne Guinness before- but I googled her and I can see that her hair colour is her signature!!
      I also think too much (but we all do 😛 ), and I love to find inspiration everywhere for posts.
      Thank you again Nikki for so many compliments 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow she not only took getting dressed to a new level, one that incorporates an artistic vision..but she also took window displays to new heights..you should put this in a post!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh wow… everyone has a story about how she’s inspired them for their own fashion and style,
        it’s interesting to see what each person has come up with to wear..
        Thank you for shareing this I’m enjoying these clips,
        and of learning of a new Fashion Icon..
        always learning 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post, well written, lovely picture and video selection. You’re a talented writer and have good taste. Loved reading it.

    My favorite bitches are Jennifer Aston and Rachel from Suits.

    “Hey-Ho I Can’t Help It If They Think I’m Fab” #truth

    That closet, wow, amazing, love it.


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