11 Tips For Restoring Hair Health Before You Colour

Privet Everyone! Currently I’m in the process of healing my hair because I want to have it balayaged for the summer time. I know it’s barely April, and we’ve hardly enjoyed the spring, and here I am making plans in advance for the summer. Plans for my hair. I always browse through instagram for inspiration, and ideas for what I’d love to try out next for my hair. I always see girls with that long, lustrous hair that shines even after they’ve bleached it; often seen on Guy Tangs pages, or wherever else! I also hear people complain about how damaging bleach is to their hair! And that they come out of the hair dressers with this dull looking hair, that is completely fried and well trashed. This is something I don’t want for my hair, or for anyone elses. Our hair is a source of pride, and just by having your hair coloured, or styled a certain way it can truly transform your look. 

As for my hair type I’d describe it’s natural state as a little unruly, and dry- prone to split ends and breakage. However, I really want that balayage in my hair so I’ve devised a plan that I’ve been doing for a few months now to prepare my hair for what I have in store for it. I believe that before you do anything that involves bleaching, or any intensive colouring, hair trends/treatments etc that you need to consider your hairs health first. You can’t get healthy hair is it’s suffering from extensive damage already. And don’t forget to plan months in advance. Our hair growth can vary from slow, to rapid, not everyone has hair that grows fast, and some like me can have that breakage issue that ruins the length. So what have I been doing to prepare, and to restore my hairs health before the planned Balayage?


1).Eating Well

I try to eat healthy, and incorporate a lot of different fruits and vegetables into my diet. Lately I’ve been eating spaghetti squash, zucchini’s, avocados, kale, banana etc- and making smoothies! And eating foods rich in protein like boneless skinless Chicken breasts, fish, quinoa, whole wheat couscous, buckwheat, cottage cheese etc. Eating well is no brainer here. (I’ll also post some images of the recipes I’ve made at the bottom of this post and if you like the way they look, I will dedicate a separate post to these recipes)

2) Staying Hydrated

 I never have an issue with getting in all of my daily water consumption. I usually fill up a large mason jar with water and bring it with me to wherever I’m sitting/ blogging at, it’s convenient, and holds a lot of water. So, try to keep water near you at all times so you don’t forget to drink it!

3). Make Microfiber Towel Turbans Your New BFF

I try my best to dry my hair with limited use of a blow dryer, but sometimes that’s not realistic and you need a blow dryer to give your crown area that volume it deserves. So what I like to do is let my freshly washed hair dry in a Microfiber towel turban for as long as possible (mines by Diva Darling that I found at Home Sense), instead of in a towel that is rough and abrasive on hair strands.

4). Hair Supplements

There’s mixed reviews on taking hair supplements, especially Biotin! I’ve been trying Nature’s Bounty hair skin and nail gummies that contain Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin E. Have I noticed an increase in length: A little, my friend also exclaimed that my hair looked longer, and I didn’t tell her I was taking supplements! What I’ve Noticed: I have been getting more compliments on my hair that it’s looking healthier. Also for those who’ve been complaining that these gummies give you breakouts, you do have to take these with food and water. & No I don’t consider potato chips a food.

5) Limit Hair Washing

I’ve also been limiting the amount of time I wash my hair weekly. I try to go every three days without a wash when I can. I also use Head & shoulder shampoo and conditioner, my hair doesn’t suffer from dandruff, but it loves this stuff so much! I also like to give my scalp a good cleaning every now and then by washing my hair twice, once concentrating on the scalp, and the second time is for the strands.

6). Products To Restore Moisture (oils)

I use Argan oil products, almost from any brand that I can find for cheap and on sale ! 🙂 I don’t notice a difference with the brand Moroccan oil VS products that also use Argan Oil. But, I do enjoy using Argan oil whether it’s from Moroccan oil, One N Only, etc.

7). Trim Your Hair Regularly

Go in for regular hair trims and cuts to get rid of split ends. I’ve been doing this every 4-6 weeks for the past few months! And my hair feels softer, and healthier than usual and it’s growing out healthier than ever before.

8). Limit Heat Styling Tools

I’m a flat iron addict!! I like how the first day when I straighten out my strands it becomes sleek, but I also love the way my hair looks the next day after it’s been slept on this hair always gets me compliments and I just simply say “Oh thanks I just slept on it”. But, if it weren’t for my trusty flat iron I probably wouldn’t want to leave my house! I don’t mind letting my hair go wild on vacation, I mean face it if you’re going off to Mexico you can’t fight humidity. It’s a lost cause. However, where I live I don’t have that humid weather that wrecks havoc on my hair style- so you’ll never see me with crazy hair that can tangle anyone in it within close proximity. The lesson here is to try your best not to blow dry your hair on a high heat setting, and try to prolong your hair washes so you won’t have to re-style it with your favourite hot tool of choice.

9) Do Your Research

The interent is a wonderful tool full of websites, videos, vlogger & blogger reviews that are at your disposal. It’s important to do your research and plan so that when you do bleach and colour your hair you will be satisfied with the end result. Currently I’m reading up on Olaplex, and I think I would love to have this included in the process of balayaging my hair. It looks like it helps combat the damage that bleach will inflict on my hair and scalp. & I will have to do a review on how Olaplex works out for me when I dye my hair!! Promise.

10). Exercise

I’ve been doing weight lifting, and cardiovascular exercises! I feel like the more you move the more circulation you’ll get, the healthier your body will be, and in turn that will affect your hairs health. This can be an excuse to motivate you to workout 🙂

11). Using A Paddle Brush

I also began using a different brush for my hair, the paddle brush I use when I’m blow drying my hair on  low heat setting, and it helps to distribute the Argan oil I put in my hair this brush was also recommended to me by my best friend since she uses it and has noticed it’s made some difference to her hairs health.

SpaghettiSquashSaladRecipe.jpgSpaghetti Squash Salad


Zucchini Patties


Home made Fish Tacos with Avocado (/ Guacamole if you have the energy)


Salmon, veggies and cous cous 

I hope this article will help you, and I will be updating you in the near future about how my hair is doing, and I hope to show off how it looks 🙂 Stay tuned


12 thoughts on “11 Tips For Restoring Hair Health Before You Colour

    1. To be honest I’m not a fan of dry shampoos!
      I’ve tried two different brands, one by Batiste (I can’t remember the other)
      ..and I didn’t understand the rave reviews, it made me feel itchy, and made my hair look oily.
      Nothing feels as good as a real hair washing though!
      So if my hair is say third day I just try to style it differently, by wearing it to the side- or making sure that’s a workout day when I’m going to be sweating and I don’t mind that I ruined my hair and then will be able to wash it.
      But definitely try it out and see if it could even be used as volume booster instead?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Caramels are gorgeous,
        I know for my hair..it is considered an ash brown, but my hair dresser also says “your hair is ashy, but it’s not boring it has reds, and blondes in it”, so she lets me do ash blondes, I just follow the natural tone of my hair.
        I was discussing hair at my best friends house tonight, and she loves to use L’oreal dyes (in a salon) because they are oil based..that too sounds intriguing (maybe it also keeps the hair looking healthier. she has long hair!!)
        But, yes Caramel..gorgeous..it’ll look hot for the summer 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re Welcome Susan!
      (I also hope your little Doggie is doing well!! )
      I also would have added “Hair Masques” but to be honest they just feel like conditioner just a little more complex..and can often weigh your hair down, (they don’t really fix damaged hair, nothing does). But that’s why people have to keep in mind that you can prevent damage more than anything to restore your hairs health in the long run.


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