Trending Tuesday: The Flatform *90’s Style Returns*

Happy Trending Tuesday! Today I’m introducing  to you a trend that is making a triumphant return from the 90’s. Some might say it’s making a cool style refresh comeback, while others will be sharing the exact same thought as Zaychishka, it’s hiiideeeousss burn it with fire. What’s this trend I’m speaking of? It’s the Flatform! Flatforms can only be described as being something that a designer whipped up while drunk one night with Elmers glue in hand, and glued a pair of flats onto platforms. I’m also sure this alleged designer laughed to themselves and said “YES, I can make ugly things and people will buy this and they’ll tell all their friends it’s all the rage this season” Way to go whoever you are, you did it. Flatforms are back.


It sounds as if I have a lot of hatred towards Flatforms, but that’s far from the case- I, Zaychishka once wanted to covet a pair of these. I was 7 when I was hit by the Spice Girls craze that swept over the playground of my elementary school. (envision little girls forming their own faux spice girl imitator groups singing ‘wanna be’ during recess) I may have even dressed up as Baby spice for halloween, and the shoes on my feet were Flatform trainers. Why did my mom allow that? I’ll never know why she let me go through a lot of bad fashion stages when I was young, and dumb to fashion. I feel like she did that on purpose just so she can laugh at me whenever she feels like it to this day. Love you mom.

So as much as I feel that the concept behind Flatforms makes sense- I mean girls who love the comfort of flats, but are missing the height, this hybrid shoe might seem like the answer. Now If you’re absolutely itching to have these, since you love trends, these Flatforms by Stella MCcartney are pretty cool.


Other types of abominations Faltforms Sufacing:

15 thoughts on “Trending Tuesday: The Flatform *90’s Style Returns*

      1. I’m curious to see the upcoming post! (especially neighbourhood stories..because where I live there are none, so you must have a lot of them in NYC!!) Oh nice, yeah I love the idea of them with a Maxi dress ..sometimes I want to call Flatoforms”okobo’s” the tall ones geisha’s would when you pair your sandal version with a maxi it reminds me of a Geisha..with a long Kimono wearing I love the sound of that outfit Dievca 🙂


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