Danny Reinke’s ‘Let’s Get Lost’ Collection At VFW & Mini Interview

Hey Everyone! There was one show that everyone seemed to feel a sense of nostalgia for at Vancouver Fashion Week. Envision coats with teddy bears attached, to whimsical skirts that channel all of your favourite childhood memories. Danny Reinke was one of the designers who showed off his collection “Let’s Get Lost” at Vancouver Fashion Week’s Runway. (Danny Reinke also was one of the participant designers with Elephantasia.)Danny is a designer based in Berlin, Germany, who grew up in the small fishing village of  Mönkebude, Near the Baltic Sea. His home has been the source inspiration for his past collections, making him aware of nature, and the importance of sustainability.

I wasn’t able to sit down with Danny Reinke, but decided to email him for a mini interview to discuss the collection I saw on the VFW runway. I threw a few questions his way that discuss how inspiration finds him, his eco conscious attitude, and he also answered one of my readers questions. He often works with recycled fabrics which lead him to developing Danny Upcycling, and is actively involved in raising awareness for causes- including the protection of Africa’s wild animals. So don’t forget to check out the interview & the photos I took from front row at Vancouver Fashion Week Fall Winter 2016!

An Interview With  Danny Reinke 


What is the name you chose for the collection that you showed at Vancouver Fashion Week?
The name is “Let’s get Lost”.

What inspired you? My childhood memories in the 90’s and bedtimes stories inspired the collection. Especially the emotions that you have after every bedtime story. The imagination is stimulated and the dreams evolve from it.

What is the story behind the coats with the Teddy Bears? Most children nowadays have Teddy Bears. We are falling asleep and cuddling under a warm blanket with a Teddy Bear in our arm.

What lead you to becoming involved with sustainability (including using recycled materials and developing Danny Upcycling), to working towards eco friendly goals and causes? I grew up at the Baltic sea in a small fishing village with lots of nature around. My father owns a small fishing company that caught fishes in a sustainable manner. I grew up with an awareness of sustainability and respect for the nature. Therefore it was an important part of my upbringing and my development.

How does inspiration for your collections come to you? ( I’m intrigued by your 2013/14  A Birds Transformation that you thought of the mechanisms of movement, bones, and muscles, and the hybridization of man with bird) Do you dream these thoughts and then make them into reality? 
Mostly in the middle of the night – when I can’t sleep. I start with some moodboards and drawings. Later I drape fabrics around a dress form and see what happens. It’s a process and many things change during the time.

How many Fashion Weeks have you showed at ? And what did you think of Vancouver?
At three Fashion Weeks (exclude other Events around Fashion Week). Two times in Vancouver and once in Berlin.Vancouver is an amazing city with lot’s of energy and inspiration. I love the people, the incredible mix of sea sight and mountains, the awareness of life and the amazing air.

“I want to know what you wear to the shows and what the designers wear to the shows. Seems like male designers dress casual…is this to not detract attention from the line or other?”- Question From: Reticent Mental Property : Yes it’s true I almost wear casual outfits, because I’m not a big fan of formal clothes. The reason why I’m wearing comfortable clothes behind the runway is, because it’s work and comfortable clothes are an advantage.

Danny’s collections show just how innovative and creative he is, check out his past collections: Loveliness Of Wilderness, A Birds Transformation, Wooden Moments.

Photo’s Hot From The Runway






















(Loved this collection, I’m trying to get my boyfriend to wear the matching teddy bear coat with me;) one day heheh)

Special Thanks To Fashion Designer Danny Reinke (click on his name to check out his website and collections)

-Xo Zaychishka

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