TFORTHREE Runway Show At VFW Fall Winter 2016

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re enjoying your day so far! So everyone knows that it’s not fashion week without alcoholic beverages right? Let’s just say that TFORTHREE nailed with their M.I.T collection and show. TFORTHREE (Tx3) is a contemporary brand from Italy that cultivates young and talented fashion designers, currently Guilia Geromel, Michele Cadelano, Katharina Purkarthofer, Tsu Yao Wang, Irene Silvestri, Simone Galofaro, and  Stefano Lo Muzio are the leading designers for the label.

When I mentioned that this brand nailed it with alcohol, I’m referring to what they did for their runway show. You see, I was curious when I began to notice that some of the models were staying on the runway after they finished their walk. While the Vancouver Fashion Week staff brought out two tables onto the runway, placed cups down and began to pour wine. Towards the shows end two models on opposite ends approached the tables, picked up the cups filled with wine, and gestured towards the audience to have some wine. (P.S I caught some of you getting up there to have your glasses re-filled.:P)

Anyways, I think it’s time for a quick runway lowdown before you check out the photos. I loved that this show had both mens and womens wear, the outfits had minimalist and contemporary elements, while the accessories consisted of large handbags.










IMG_7590 (1)

IMG_7592Caught a smile!!





TX3 is a boundary-pushing incubator designed to raise and support the most promising young fashion designers in Italy.
We offer a constant multi-faceted creative proposal, enriched by collaborations, brought to you in limited editions collections of contemporary apparel and accessories and exclusively on line.With our platform we allow you to reach directly our designers, offering an innovative customer experience.Our aim is to value Italian excellence, the creativity and design innovation building a global fashion forward community. –TFORTHREE 

-Xo Zaychishka

8 thoughts on “TFORTHREE Runway Show At VFW Fall Winter 2016

  1. Lol for the alcohol at the end of the runway …I think I would be taking 2 of them …one for now and later. The designs have a very Rick Owens gone conservative look….that’s the best way I could describe it 😝but love your posts as always

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