Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter Everyone! I went for a walk the previous day and took the Nikon D3300 out with me. I found all of these daffodils popping up along the way, and had to take these photos as proof that spring is on the way. Some of you might be celebrating Easter today,and I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!! I celebrate two Easters. I’m catholic, while my boyfriend is Russian orthodox- and as his dad would put it “If you miss one holiday, you still have Orthodox Christmas, New Years, Easter and so forth” Funny and true words.

I anticipate attending Russian Orthodox church, because it’s new to me. There’s only one part that I enjoy and that is to see everyone lining the street outside of the church, with baskets full of Pashalniy Kulich, breads, wines – and candles to illuminate the area, waiting for the priest to bless their baskets. I find it to be one of those sights that is beautiful, candles, people and traditions from Russia. I don’t get to participate in easter egg hunts anymore, so this is what I look forward too now. Who else misses Easter from their childhood?




-Xo Zaychishka

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