Elephantasia “Fighting With Fashion” At VFW 2016

This season Vancouver Fashion Week had more shows that focused around sustainability. Elephantasia was a unique experience that intended to show us that we need to be aware of what’s going on in our world. That we can’t forget that we’re not the only ones who inhabit the earth, and that sometimes our greed can have detrimental effects on the creatures who share, and inhabit the world with us.

The runway was transformed by tribal drumming that grabbed the audiences attention, along with powerful imagery, presentations, guest speaker Dr.Jake Wall, and outfits designed by numerous fashion designers who feel equally passionate towards putting an end to the illegal poaching, and harvesting of ivory from African and Asian elephants. Designers were inspired by just about everything there is to this majestic land mammal. While models furthered the mood by wearing haunting, tribal themed makeup.

Elephanatics was founded in May of 2013. It’s one of the only advocacy organizations in British Columbia that works towards preserving the long term survival of both African and Asian elephants. Elephantatic raises awareness through fashion and is working towards ending the ivory trade, and poaching that is hunting elephants into extinction. Elephanatics works alongside the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) who work towards protecting the landscapes that elephants, and other wildlife inhabit.


“We need to evolve our relationship with elephants. Instead of their body parts, we need to focus on the fact that they are highly intelligent beings with a social system and language that rivals our own. That they respond to births and deaths in a human-like way. We need to understand that they are vital for the functioning of Savannah and forest ecosystems. And we need to appreciate the inherent natural beauty they bring to the spaces they occupy.  A world without wild elephants would be an incredible failure for us.” – Dr. Jake Wall, Chief Scientific Researcher Advisor for Elephanatics.

(Elephanatics, Save the Elephants, UBC Grad and National Geographic Explorer) Dr. Wall developed a real-time monitoring system using high-tech GPS tracking technology inside collars that were put on wild elephants. The system helps counter elephant poaching in Kenya and South Africa. Dr. Walls technology was instrumental in capturing iconic footage of a one-hundred-plus elephant herd for National Geographic’s documentary, Great Migrations.







ElephantasiaVFW2016.jpg IMG_7523 IMG_7525










Collaborative Efforts, A list of the fashion designers who worked towards bringing Elephantasia/ Elephantatics to life: AnnaforaAlex S Yu studio, Art Marita (Fesvedy), Brigid KoMarita WrongDanny ReinkeDawson & Deveraux (@dawsondeveraux), Devonation, Go See Do, Jacqui Bennet, Eria LamarqueKatherine Soucie,Tatiana Shebelnick

Special Thanks to Dr. Jake Wall for providing a quote.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you can spread awareness to save the Elephants, and discourage those interested in ivory. Ivory can only be attained by killing the animals, and most ivory is in high demand in Asia’s tourist trade.


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