Elena Perminova’s New Earrings

Privet Matryoshkas!  I decided to do some quickstyle Instagram browsing tonight and I just had to check out what’s going on in Elena Perminova’s fashionable world. I feel like her IG pictures have really made up for her Fashion Week Style that  in my opinion channeled the 90’s fused with the Matrix Reloaded- and fairytales? Now let’s talk about her incredible bow and pearl earrings. I have no idea who makes them, but I’m definitely swooning at the sight of them. I’m also loving the look she’s pulling off in her black, form fitted dress,- it reminds me of Olga Seryabkina in the Serebro music video for Gun; which I’ve included below! (Olga is one of the singers from my favourite overtly sexual Russian trio, pop groups Serebro) 



ElenaPerminovaRussian.jpgElenaPerminovaRussian.jpgOutfit By Balmain


Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.55.11 AM





Xo Zaychishka

10 thoughts on “Elena Perminova’s New Earrings

  1. Sarebro…fanning self….their message comes through! So full of silly and playful. Whoo!
    The earrings are adorable and I’m so thrilled bare-leg season is approaching…your Elena has such lovely knees! grin.
    Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be catching up on your blog. I’ve been gone too long. hugs-Ret


    1. Bare leg season is nice, except when you’re a little on the pale side from winter ..like I am currently :/
      Yes, her legs and knees are incredible :P.. she’s so lucky.
      Awh, I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend also, and a Happy Easter Ret!
      Xo- Zaychishka


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