Green Smoothie Recipe

Hey Everyone! I’ve been making and drinking a lot of smoothies just to increase my fruit and fibre intake since it is still winter, and I feel like this is the time of year when you need the extra vitamin C! This happens to be my favourite smoothie of the week that uses fresh Kale, green apple, grapefruit etc! The rest of the recipe is included below! I do think this is a low calorie smoothie as it doesn’t rely on a lot of juice (just a splash- but you can also omit it), and you can also try it with protein powder for a post workout smoothie, or if you’re just looking to increase your protein intake!


Green Smoothie Recipe:

1 large green apple (or a little more if you choose to sub banana for avocado)

Two handfuls of kale

 Grapefruit slices

4 tbsp of  plain greek yogurt

Half of a banana

Crushed ice & water (1 cub combined)

A splash of pineapple juice.

+ if you want to follow the 60/40 rule, you could use add avocado and to make the smoothie “greener”.

Optional: Protein Powder (I use Vega’s Viva Vanilla, but it takes time getting used’s a little chalky, and it’s plant based!)


Tips: For green smoothies: Follow the 60/40 rule, greens should add up to at least 40% of your smoothie.





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