Antiques, Auctions & Jewels

Sometimes a fashion blogger has a desire to search for unique items outside of the mainstream way of department stores, malls, and vintage shops. You see my family are the type of people who enjoy attending, and bidding at the auction, both online and in person. And, well my family has me hooked on auctions. I have childhood memories of the items my father would bring home, like that toaster that was meant for a restaurant, and required an abnormal amount of voltage. To that time he bought an ugly painting that hangs on the foyer wall. I tried to secretly sell the painting on craigslist with the caption “big ugly painting for sale”, and the end of the story is: it’s still in their house. Or the industrial meat slicer that only comes out for cutting up cheese and salami during Christmas, with expert precision.

There were two recent auctions that my family couldn’t resist, one of which resulted in my father having to give my mother and I, early Valentine’s day gifts (a tradition in our family).Up on the block included jewelry, oriental antiques, native art, and coins etc. So can you guess out of the list, what became my gift? 

Jewelry! I got a pair of earrings made of 3.10CT’s of tanzanite, set in white gold (which matches the heart shaped necklace my boyfriend gave me). While my mother was gifted with a gold bracelet with pear shaped orange sapphires. My dad also bought a black diamond cross pendant, a copper coin, and a Japanese bronze and enamel urn from the 1920’s.

I’ve fallen in love with these earrings, they seem so elegant, and I can’t wait to wear them out for date night. I also hope to make a future post dedicated to these earrings, simply because Tanzanite has a unique story of its own...let me play the role of a gemologist for one day!  Anyways I’m curious to know where do you like to find your accessories, clothing, or what is the most unique place you’ve brought something home from? And if you’ve never been to an auction, I recommend that you go to one. I do have other images of what sells at the auction, and if you like this post I’ll either add those images, attend another auction and blog about the experience, or both!


TanzaniteWhiteGoldEarrings.jpgMy new loves:  14KT white gold Tanzanite earrings with 8 trilliant cut tanzanites (3.10CT) from Able Auctions.


10K Gold orange Sapphire 3.50CT bracelet


14K white gold black and white diamond pendant (all of the jewels came with appraisals, certified by gemologists). 


A snipped of the Japanese bronze and enamel urn, + Copper coin



Xo- Zaychishka

4 thoughts on “Antiques, Auctions & Jewels

  1. The bracelet looks gorgeous. I’d love to go to a jewelry auction. But where I live, India, second-hand anythings or auctions are completely taboo. Seriously, it’s bizarre- people would rather melt down their jewelry than try and sell it.

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    1. Hah oh wow, well this jewelry isn’t second hand, it came from a jewelry store that closed down and had to liquidate their merchandise. ( I find second hand jewels to be taboo too !! ) hehe, but I like that you told me even auctions are taboo where you are from! I only know that India has a lot of gorgeous jewelry! Thank you Meera for commenting and sharing what’s taboo your way!!


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