A Fringed Find To Inspire Fashionistas On A Budget

Hey Everyone!! I love to find things on sale just like everyone else and if I go to a store I’ll always hit the clearance rack first. So, the other day I decided I needed to get a backpack so I can store my camera and fashion week survival pack easily, and with style. I went into The Hudson’s Bay (my favourite store) and said to myself “I want to find a backpack for $20, that’s my limit”. And somehow I came across a black, fringed Kensie backpack that was marked down from $89.00, with an extra 40% off the last ticketed price which made the bag a total of $24 with tax.

The backpack is black, made of faux leather, and has that fringe detail!

Here it is:




Lately I’ve been lucky with finding a lot of good deals, but then again I look online for hours at a time! hehe..I might have an online shopping addiction. Anyways, I really do want to inspire you that you can have an amazing wardrobe even if the clothing/ accessories etc are not from high end department stores, and that you can have style on a budget!

Which brings me to asking you guys what are your shopping habits like? And how do you manage to find a good deal?



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