Trending Tuesday: Dark Lips At LFW

Sinister, vampire-esque, lady of the night; dark Lips embody edge, and a supernatural factor. When I think of Dark Lips, I can’t help but think of Hannah Beth. Do any of you know, or remember Hannah Beth? Okay, let me tell you a quick story. There was this one time when I watched a full season of House of DVF. It’s a reality show about Diane Von Furstenburg, where she has to weed out the perfect brand ambassador amongst a bunch of girls, all vying for the opportunity. Each week they complete tasks, etc to impress Diane. Well Hannah Beth won and became the DVF brand ambassador. And, Hannah was notorious for wearing a bold, dark lip! So now whenever I think of dark lipsticks, and shades, well now you know why I think of her! Anyways, Three runway shows  in particular have used dark lipsticks at LFW, and when 3 shows are doing something similar, it’s a trend.  And I won’t stop there I’ll also talk about how you can perfect this lip trend for yourself.

Seen at the Sibling show, lips of lacquered burgundy were everywhere. Gareth Pugh put noir, red, and ombre on his models. While  the makeup at Mary Katrantzou’s runway focused on cerise noire styled lips. What are your thoughts on Dark lips taking London by storm?

LondonFashionWeekTrends2016.jpgChoosing A Shade:

You do have to look around for the perfect hue! Keep in mind there are purples, burgundy, rouges, noires and browns- etc that you can play around with until you find the perfect colour for your face, and skin tone.

Moisturize + Exfoliate

This is a vital step, especially if you are looking to buy and use a matte finish as those types of lipsticks are drying, and can cause little “clumps” on your lips if you have dry skin. So Moisturize! Begin the night before you plan to put the bold lipshade on your lips! I prefer vaseline, it’s cheap and works well for a lot of beauty hacks. Avoid salty foods, and don’t overdo it on eating citrus fruits either, + keep your body hydrated as well.  And if you plan to exfoliate do that first before you moisturize! It’s effective, and yes honey and sugar DIY lip scrubs do wonders!

Lip Liners

I used to think lipliners were ridiculous, I could never get the technique just right when I first started experimenting with lip colour. I feel like lipliners help with the application process, think of it as colouring within the lines. The lip liner acts as the lines you need to fill in with colour, and keeps the lipstick in it’s place. + Just like when you wear a red lip, lip liners really help with giving your lips that clean line. So in a way, dark lips and red lips share a lot of the same rules. Opt for nude to light lipliners.

Application Help

Optional: Don’t forget to use a lip brush! And to ensure longevity to keeping your lip colour lasting all night, apply the colour, then gently brush a translucent powder over your lips- until your lips look mattiefied. Last Step re-apply the lip colour over your mattified lips.


Once again just like when you wear a red lip, dark lips mean that you can keep the rest of your face and makeup neutral. Less is more, let your smouldering looking lips do the talking.

DarkLipsticks.jpgChristian Louboutin lipstick, 120 CAD / Serge Lutens lipstick, 105 CAD / Lipstick Queen lipstick, 55 CAD / Givenchy lipstick, 50 CAD / Lipstick Queen lipstick, 56 CAD / AERIN moisturizing lipstick, 52 CAD / Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick, 34 CAD / Mac cosmetic, 32 CAD / Surratt lip gloss makeup, 44 CAD / Smashbox lipstick, 29 CAD / Mac cosmetic, 23 CAD / Mac cosmetic, 23 CAD / Mac cosmetic, 31 CAD / Mac cosmetic, 31 CAD

I hope you matryoshka’s enjoyed This Trending Tuesday post 🙂

Xo Zaychishka

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