Vancouver Fashion Week Announcement + I Want Your Questions!

Hey everyone, I have an announcement to make! I will be returning to Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2016 starting March 20th. This time around I want to do things differently, and do something that is a little more interactive here on the Zaychishka style blog! Last time I attended fashion week I took images from the runway, interviewed a few designers; but this season I want to do things that you would love to read and see!

There will be Fashion Designers that I will be interviewing, I was thinking in addition to my interview questions, that If any of you have a specific question for a fashion designer, I encourage you to drop a question below, and I will pick a few questions for one of the designers to answer! I will mention your name, and hope to video record the question being answered, or transcribe it (+ I can’t wait to take out my Nikon D3300!!). So if you have a question that needs to be answered ie. or you’re curious about the fashion industry, etc! Go ahead and leave your comments below:)

VFW: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



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Have an amazing Week, + Happy Monday

xo Zaychishka


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