Should Celebs Crossover To The Fashion World?

“Hey everyone! I’m in a mood where I want to rant, and get some of your opinions, thoughts, comments, likes or dislikes about celebrities crossing over into the fashion world. There is this hollywood element that keeps popping up during fashion week, and it sort of bothers me. Let me first just say that I know people like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Bridgett Bardot were celebrities who have gone on to be the inspiration for  countless fashion designers. We find their style to be timeless, classic and elegant. So it makes sense that fashion and celebrities have always been a part of each others world.

I view fashion week as an event that’s meant for designers to showcase their work, for buyers to continue buying pieces from pret-a-porter lines to investing in Haute Couture garments. (By the way, there isn’t that many Ateliers left that make true Haute Couture pieces), to a place for models, style icons, fashion bloggers, fashion admirers, friends and media, etc to sit in on the events. To be honest I don’t mind seeing the odd celebrity sitting in at fashion week, I get it, celebrities bring endorsements, attention, and media. But, what I dislike seeing is when the celebrity detracts attention from the actual collections, and the celeb has all of our focus. 

Let me throw out an example. Who watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year? I’ve been watching the show since I was 16, and I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. I always watch the show for Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge etc! and  I remember the days when the VS fashion show didn’t have live performances, and each model had adequate screen time to show off their outfits. Now it’s as if the models are rushed down the runway, and you don’t have enough time to see the outfits. I do however remember seeing Kris & Caitlyn Jenner in the audience. Or the time Taylor Swift did her own little VS runway walk with Karlie Kloss. I remember those moments. By the way Victoria Secret claimed it would never let a celebrity transition into becoming a VS angel. But I honestly feel like that’s going to change one day!


“Katie Holmes had her own runway show, and Kanye West has shown off his Yeezy line twice at Paris Fashion Week. To be honest it’s hard for me to take celebrity labels seriously, it’s like celebrity fragrances. I bought those when I was a teenager and you’d never catch me wearing those fragrances now. I don’t want to wear a scent that represents a celebrity. I want fragrances to remind me of romantic spring days, hot sexy nights, and can embody a certain mood.

Of course, I’m also bothered by stories of hearing how a certain celebrity once brought her baby to sit in front row at fashion week. Babies don’t need fashion week, they need nap time! Gone are the days when the front row was reserved for it girls etc, it’s now the time for celebrity-front-row watching, to observe the evolution of fashion week, and to witness the changing dynamics of what society wants to read/hear about when it comes to entertainment”.

3 thoughts on “Should Celebs Crossover To The Fashion World?

  1. Yes! I totally agree with this. Yeezy and his show at Madison Square Gardens is probably a great example. His line doesn’t even look good, and people are expected to give great reviews about it, because duh, he’s a a celebrity, and also duh, he’s a Kardashian Klan member, so obviously, what he’s wearing or making must look good.
    Unfortunately, celebrity endorsements and marketing strategies will never allow the fashion world be celeb-free ever again :/

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    1. Exactly! And it also makes me a little annoyed thinking that out there, there are designers trying to make it.. From the ground up , and then here comes a celeb with an idea like ” I can design clothes this week” while producing something crappy ( and I also feel like Kanye is so full of himself he might be thinking he can design anything and people will wear it regardless, which is kinda a slap in the face ) Thank you for your comment !!

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