10 Brands That Slay Street Style

What do we look for in designer fashion labels? Is it their relevance, or the way they make a statement? When fashion week rolls around, the concrete catwalk is almost as equally as important as the runway. The streets set the trends. The quirky, and vibrant outfits of the risk takers are flaunted in our faces, while the style makers will be setting trends that so many of us will be inspired from, and interpret. It’s no secret that there’s just a few brands out there that continue to roll out those hot list items that we continue to crave. These top 10 brands know how to market love at first sight, and they definitely know how to slay.

Proenza Schouler


Proenza Schouler is one of those brands that every street style star has to wear at least once, or multiple times.  The label is known for it’s fabric alchemy. You might think one item is made of bouclé wool, when in fact it could be perforated leather woven in a way that makes it appear as tweed. For the spring season expect to see an interpretation of a classic, with Proenza Schouler bringing out dresses made with Spanish inspired ruffles. Bold, and edgy this brand isn’t for the faint of heart.

Mansur Gavriel


Mansur Gavriel is a 2012 New York based label, founded by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel. The duo were inspired to create a line based around warm, natural textures, with an intense pop of colours for Italian made leather goods. Mansur Gavriel can be credited for reviving the bucket bag. It’s anyones guess to see what this label will come up with next, my guess is it will be an instant hit in street fashion.



Out of all of the Italian fashion houses, Moschino can come off as being tacky. Think back to the Macdonald’s inspired collection, or all those household inspired iPhone cases that keep finding their way into the hands of street style stars. Franco Moschino himself always said that he wasn’t a Fashion Designer (he was more of a painter/ artist), and his take on fashion was about humour, with a high price tag. Moschino is a brand that stays relevant, and Surrealism (an avant guarde movement from the 20th century that inspired Franco Moschino) plays a big part in each collection to this day. Moschino once made a dinner wear suit that was set with real cutlery. Another time he used miniature teddy bears to create a scarf, and hat. But one of his best takes was his parody of the Chanel suit, and where Chanel would  have included a gold chain belt, Moschino had the words “This is a waist of money” embroidered in it’s place.

Moschino is for the girl who wants to make a statement, with added humour. Now lets see if this brand can master a collection dedicated to the selfie, and selfie stick and we’ll be set.



This Spanish label has been around since 1974 and was created by Jesús del Pozo. But it’s only been recently that we’ve been seeing Delpozo on recognizable faces, like Miroslava Duma. It’s no wonder  that this label is becoming a fast favourite among the elite. It’s branding targets the contemporary woman who isn’t afraid to wear traditional and modern elements. Delpozo is considered a luxury pret-a-couture label that honours couture manufacturing techniques (ie embroidery), and loves volume, silhouettes and colours.

Alexander Wang


Alexander wang is that brand that knows how to show us that explosive dynamic. Think bed-head edge, meets downtown cool. Or, the Eighties  (If the 80’s was THE era of  the century for fashion). And of course French Chic meets Rock Grunge. Alexander Wang knows how to get the crowds excited for his collections. remember Wang X H&M? To this day I can’t forget that neoprene, or athletic inspired leggings. And, well who could ever forget Alexander Wang’s Handbags, particularly the pochette handbag.



Out of all of the Italian fashion houses, Valentino has captured my heart! This label is known for romantic lace, ruffles, bows and the beloved Rockstud. Textures and embellishments often come together, while the use of neutral colour schemes in Valentino’s clothing makes for some added versatility. Anyways, Valentino makes the slay-ing it list for being Timeless and classic, but also for setting one of the world’s greatest fashion crazes: Rockstud Fever  (Yes even I caught rockstud fever)

Fausto Puglisi


Fausto Puglisi designs have that confident, and energetic style that make for explosive results on whoever wears this labels designs. Puglisi is an Italian designer who is fascinated by the American culture. And I have to tell you that I love his leather jackets! Anyways, let this image of Elena Perminova wearing a Puglisi jacket do the rest of the talking for me…after all a picture is worth a thousand words.



Time after time, Dior is timeless! Dior has been making history in the fashion industry since the golden age of couture (1947-1957). No other house can compare to Christian Dior’s designs that continue to be a hit, causing all kinds of crazes, especially when it comes to heels and accessories seen on the it girls. Some of the recent examples that can back up my statements are the Mise en Dior tribal double pearl earrings, Mirrored sunglasses, Or Dior’s heels catered to that athletic, on the go lifestyle. Psst!! There’s something we should all be looking out for during the next round of fashion week and that is Dior’s latest innovation: Dioressence stilletto’s! The new heels are said to be a re-vamp of an old classic. With a slightly curved heel, and rubber padded sole the heels will offer more stability and comfort to the wearer, without the bulk.

Alexander McQueen


Where would we be without Alexander McQueen’s contribution to fashion? His designs are known for combining British tailoring with French couture. While his ready-to wear line includes accessories that are all about the drama, similar to his constructed evening gowns that are known for being darkly dramatic with intricate additions of lace and embroidery. His infamous skulls (esp that skull scarf), and clutches are a staple at London fashion week. Plus McQueen clutches can double as Brass knuckles.



Burberry seems to roll out those eye catching coats, and outerwear that cause a mass break out of  hysteria amongst countless women. Flashback to Burberry’s infamous monogrammed poncho, or signature trench coats. One of my favourite Burberry moments will always be when Elena Perminova wore Burberry’s metallic blue trench coat.



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