Lipsticks You Need On Your Lips Now

2016 is the year of the lip and as much as I hate to say this name (I’m trying to keep my blog a Kardashians/ Jenner free zone for the most part) but Kylie Jenner inspired pouts are still in. It seems like the media just loves to throw out the name “Kylie Jenner” whenever a new celebrity is seen with fuller lips/injections. The latest example: Hailey Baldwin now has “Kylie Jenner level huge lips”.  Gone are the days of throwing out Angelina Jolie’s name whenever an enlarged lip is spotted! Lips are one of the facial features that can draw someone in, like your significant other.

Lips are feminine, and besides being right on our faces for the whole world to see, it’s easy to see why a lot of girls want huge lips. You know what I love about lips? The fact that we have lipstick to play with based on our moods, or outfits. Lipstick can change a look completely, including our entire outfit. Certain shades just exude seduction like the classic red lip. Bright Pinks are fun and flirty, neutrals and pale pinks are glamorous, while deep purples are edgy. So I’m sure you’re wondering what lipsticks I’ve come to love, recommend, and believe you need on your lips now.


1). Illimasqua’s lipstick in Corrupt


In my blog post Deconstructed beauty I was wearing Illimasqua’s lipstick in the shade corrupt. This lipstick has become my HG! It’s bright, and highly pigmented on my lips, it lasts a long time. Illimasqua lipsticks have the tendency to be on the dry side so don’t forget to moisturize your lips before application. Illimasqua recommends to use a lip brush when applying this product, personally I don’t and it still goes on nicely. The downside is if you live in North America you can no longer buy it in Sephora, so your best bet is online through Illimasqua’s website, or find it on sale from The Bay (Canadian department store that I am obsessed with)

Recommended for: Fashion Week/ events, photo shoots, parties special occasions, dates, outfit of the day, when your makeup needs to pop.

2). Estee Lauder’s Pink Parfait


This was one of my favourite lipsticks, I first received this in a free gift and instantly fell in love. Pink Parfait is soft, romantic, and a perfect lip colour for day to night. This lipstick goes on the lips smoothly, and it’s creamy.

Recommended for: Glamorous makeup looks, for weddings, galas, dates etc( +this lipstick looks great on in the morning, throughout the day and transitions well into night).

3). MAC’s Retro Matte in the shade All Fired Up


I wore this lipstick for all of fashion week back when my hair was ombre. I love the way this colour looks with blonde tones in ash brown hair, it’s loud, bold and fun. This lipstick is also very dry, so keep a lip balm nearby.

Recommended for: Parties, fashion week & fashion related events, photo shoots, outfit of the day.

4). Illimasqua’s lipstick in Climax


This is another nice lip colour from Illimasqua, it’s subdued and borders on the neutral side.I also enjoy the smell of Illimasqua’s lipsticks, they have this vanilla mixed with cocoa scent.

Recommended for: Mornings, subtle makeup looks.

5). MAC’s Russian Red


This is a classic red lipstick, it’s flattering, seductive and a classic. Enough said.

Recommended for: Seductive moments, when your makeup needs some “oomph”.

6). Illimasqua’s Lipstick in Resist


I’m waiting to try this lipstick with a makeup look, but from testing it out briefly it’s another great colour. It’s a deeper shade of pink, and reminds me of berries.

Recommended for: Girls who want to wear a deeper shade of pink.

Marc Jacobs Lipstick in Magenta


I received this lipstick in a points reward from Sephora (500 points that i saved up over a long time) and it’s amazing. Your lips look fuller, it glides on smoothly, and the colour is intense. This lipstick is great for dramatic looks, + it’s sexy and sultry. I actually want to try out more lipsticks from the Marc Jacobs line, because it’s a great product, and I find it to be a great addition to my growing makeup collection.

Recommended for: When you want a look full of drama, and you’re wanting a lipstick to go with an edgy outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you found it helpful 🙂 until next time, stay lovely


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