Story Time! Product Disasters & Swollen Lips

Long time ago when I first became interested in beauty and skin care products, I suffered an allergic reaction. It began the night before High school picture day, and I was determined to look my best! I mean I wanted to look incredible, and have a photo I would be proud of in years to come. Somehow I thought it would be wise to start using an entire fleet of skincare products, combined with natural home remedies with items that came from my refrigerator. I grabbed some papaya, and mixed it with some other ingredients (that I’ve long forgotten, and with good reason), and thought “hey, let me make a home made face mask” that’s a great idea!

By the way, I have no idea why I thought a face mask was even necessary. I mean I didn’t have noticeable breakouts, and my skin tone was on point! But somehow being young, and naive to the beauty world I believed that this face mask, and my product cocktail would render me into some sort of golden goddess who’d be the envy of the school. So I went through with the face mask, used a face wash, exfoliated my face, washed it again with some goat milk soap, and followed with moisturizer. I can’t remember the details exactly of what products I used, but that’s as close as it’s going to get. So I eventually went to bed, and when I awoke it looked as if I had gone through the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. My lips (which they are already pretty big as is), were ginormous. Botched lip injections couldn’t even compare to these lips that I now had, and yes it was picture day!

One thing that always makes me laugh about my allergic reaction to a bad combo of beauty products, was when my dad came up to me and said that I was lucky, because some ladies out there paid to have there lips look like mine! He was joking, of course, and I mean I may have missed picture day, and made a trip to the doctor (who assured me that with time the swelling would disappear), but it was the funniest thing. Just imagine you’re trying to make yourself look good, and you end up with the exact opposite, with some massive, hideous lips. Yeah, my mom still laughs at how I looked, to this day!

On a side note, I think this story is to warn anyone out there that sometimes when it comes to products, less is more. Don’t put products on with a heavy hand, or at least space out your product application method, don’t combine things all at once! I was lucky that my allergic reaction didn’t become severe. Swollen lips can be dangerous if it affects other areas of your mouth, tongue, and breathing. So yes, take my story as a cautionary tale. And, as for picture day, I went in for the late photos, and my picture did turn out nicely in the end when that swelling went away! i hope you enjoyed this story, and learned a valuable lesson!

With tons of laughs, and smiles,



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