3. 2. 1..Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years to all of you (shout out to the WordPress community), although I’m sure no one will be reading this post until later today since you’re probably out celebrating the new year in style! Tonight I will be with my boyfriend and his family to ring in the new year- and I simply can’t wait! There will be some of the best company, and Russian home cooked food around! So..wow I’m getting distracted hehe, for myself, the new year means that I have to set new goals, break old records, and enjoy every moment fully. I do have some future plans and that will involve a photo shoot with myself, and I will be unveiling what I look like (I’m sure some of you are curious!!), and I have an interesting concept that I have put some thought into that I can’t wait to share!

The reason I’m excited for this photo shoot is that this Christmas my father gave me a new camera, a Nikon D3300- and I just want to take a billion photos! (expect a future camera review) I know that a camera is one of the essentials that every fashion blogger needs. & I love learning new things, including about photography ( right now I’m reading up on Aperture, Shutter Priority, and ISO..plus lighting etc.). As for the other news  I will be attending an event on January the 9th, and I will be taking my camera. I hope to get some great images and content up for you.  So expect some fun new posts in the new year! I also want to know about all of your plans for the new year! What you’re excited about, and any comment that you have feel free to leave one, and feel free to follow me on WordPress, Twitter, or on Instagram (@zaychishkastyle)! I appreciate every follow, comment, like etc.. and I am just so happy for anyone who checks out my blog.


Lots of love & Happy New Year To You All

-Sincerely, Zaychishka xo

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