Makeup Must Haves For The Girl Who Watches Too Many Beauty Vlogs

I’ve never been that girl who owned a lot of makeup, or put on a full face each day. Moisturizers, and other skin care products have always been my main priority, then makeup would follow. My usual face routine just involves a little concealer to my under eyes, and any little red spots. I then set my face with a subtle amount of powder, and a swipe of pink blush. For eyes, I use a bright, light reflecting eye shadow over the lid, and a hint of a dark brown shadow in the crease to give my eyes more dimension. Plus that swipe of mascara . As for lips chap stick is my HG, and sometimes a bold lipstick.

Lately things have changed and I find myself experimenting with HD foundations for special occasions and events. And my lipstick obsession is slowly getting out of hand. Did I mention that I like to get ready to videos of Beauty guru’s talking about their latest beauty hauls? Or while they contour, and do everyday looks that inspire me. (I even have a favourite beauty guru- Tati from youtube!) There’s a few things I’ve learned a long the way, and that is what makeup items are worth splurging on, and makeup items that have become a must have in my life.


double_wear_concealerEsteeLauder.jpgEstee Lauder’s double wear concealer, this has been my HG product, especially when I don’t put on foundation. I just put on a little bit of this, and I’m good to go. It blends, and it doesn’t look cakey on my face ( no girl wants cake face). And I remember when I once applied makeup to my face in front of my Best friend and I had a red spot (from squeezing a blackhead). And she was like “how did you make your mark disappear?”  I do have a good complexion that garners me a lot of compliments, my skin is pretty smooth and bump free- but still, she acted as if this concealer performed a miracle. It’s just a great, quality made product on the market.


Contouring Makeup: Bronzer!




Yeah I think it’s obvious that I’m an Estee lauder kinda girl. This makeup doesn’t give me break outs, and it never fails my face. So one of the things I’ve picked up from all the you tube videos was face contouring. For the wedding I attended in the summer I contoured my nose,  and my forehead. I don’t like the idea of using liquid contouring makeup, so I use bronzer instead, like yes, Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess.

HD Foundations:



If you only could choose one item in your entire life to splurge on, HD foundations are worth it. Photo ops never look better! Selfies too! I’ve only experimented with two types of HD foundations. One from Makeup Forever, and the other from Illimasqua(HD Skin Base foundation) If you don’t know what Illimasqua is, it’s an edgy British makeup brand…that I’ve recently discovered thanks to The Bay having a mass sale on their products, and I couldn’t resist the price!

I love Makeup Forever since it has great coverage, great packaging, it looks amazing in photos, has a silky smooth finish, lasts a long time product wise,- but my issues with this foundation is it’s tendency to clog my pores, and it feels a bit too heavy on the skin. Other than that it is a great product.

Illimasqua’s Skin Base Foundation is HD, I love that a little bit goes a long way! You don’t need to use a lot, and it blends like a dream. I don’t know how else to explain it. When you wear it you don’t feel like you have a mask of makeup on, you do have the option to build with this foundation, and I’d say it has a medium coverage, and it doesn’t clog my pores! (and my skin can be blackhead prone with the wrong products) The price is between $52-57, but on The Bay’s website I got it for $21 CAD, and I didn’t even colour match my skin! lucky for me it all worked out in the end.  The only issue I have is, it’s hard to find in Canada, and the packaging could become a pain in the ass down the road. But honestly this product will probably last you a while! Yeah so, HD foundations are worth the price for what they do, and yes they work as claimed.



Lipstick is one of the most versatile products out there,  there are so many colours- and different shades can transform your look. So if you don’t have all of the latest trenhding clothes, lipstick is that one key piece that can make you stand out, and look trendy, chic- etc!

So yes to lipstick, it is a major must have! My favourite lipstick of all time is Estee lauder’s in Pink parfait! I love it for elegant makeup looks, it’s just a classic shimmery pink. However, I remember for fashion week I went with MAC lipstick in the colour “All Fired up” which is a retro matte lipstick- because it is such a bold shade. All Fired Up became my go to lipstick. But things have changed and currently I’m loving my Illimasqua lipsticks- I ordered 5 of them, at $12 on sale, each ($24 regular price)! And my favourite lipstick shade is now Illimasqua’s lipstick in the colour Corrupt. It’s so sexy, cool and can brighten your face instantly. it’s build-able also, and highly pigmented. It’s the best lipstick in my life. It wears well, but you do need to make sure your lips are moisturized! yeah, I think I may do an Illimasqua review in the future since I do have a few other products by them!

So I hope you guys enjoyed my product must haves! And I guess there was a mini review in all of this also! I know I’m not a beauty guru, but fashion and makeup are best friends, and I love both!



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