Happy Holidays To You All

Hey everyone! I just want to wish all of you a happy holidays! I guess I will just say that you should take this time to enjoy memories, and moments with those you love! This year it’s my house that will be hosting Christmas dinner amongst family. So I decided to try out two new recipes that will act as side dishes. One recipe is a unique twist on stuffing. It has Kale, bread, chorizo and apples. While the second little recipe is all about Pita bread, olives, sliced almonds, asiago cheese and a hint of basil pesto. If these recipes turn out to be a crowd pleasure I will have to share them with you! (I did cook them in advance, and I think they’re delicious!) Anyways happy holidays once again! In the meantime here are a few Christmas inspired photos I couldn’t resist taking in the malls, and in my home.





ChristmasDeer.jpgLove this deer so much!


DIY table centerpieces with a Gluckstein home candle, jingle bells and a little bit of that midas touch.



I may or may not have sneakishly eaten a few of these.


Can you see that I love HBC (The Bay), right down to the Christmas tree skirt.





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