Beren Saat’s Famous Tuxedo Dress Style Inspiration

This look is dedicated to my best friend who is addicted to Turkish soap operas. She tries to get me to watch these shows, but it’s bad enough that I watch Russian soap operas, K-Drama’s, & even..Days Of Our Lives (who doesn’t love Kristian Alfonso/ Fancy Face?). Now that I’ve divulged some of my guilty TV pleasures, let’s move on and forget that I ever typed that. You see my best friend happens to obsess over Beren Saat’s onscreen style, and if she could she would wear the infamous Tuxedo dress in the Turkish drama Intikam (aka revenge- and yes there is an american version of this drama). The dress was designed by Elif Cigizoglu.

It’s unlikely anyone of us could get our hands on a Elif Tuxedo dress original! But, for some strange reason when I was sifting through evening dresses, I came across a dress that reminded me of what Beren wore. The dress opens up in the middle to expose a sliver of cream, amid a satin sheen that reminds me of a tuxedo..and I know the dress is still far from being a true Tuxedo dress…but it’s still gorgeous. Beren’s is showstopping.
Either one of these dresses would be amazing for a black tie event.
Above: Beren Saat wearing the tuxedo dress  


2 thoughts on “Beren Saat’s Famous Tuxedo Dress Style Inspiration

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