How To Wear Statement Necklaces This Holiday Season

Do you remember when Miroslava Duma would wear a good, statement necklace. The thicker, the chunkier, the more detail, the better. These days however, Mira’s style is “toned down”.Her neckline is devoid of necklaces, her handbags are often black, and her accessories are basic. She’s different. Then again she is dressing the part of a business woman, a woman who works hard to accomplish her goals. But, just because Miroslava Duma is toning it down, doesn’t mean the statement necklace has fallen out of favour, and if you have an outfit that needs something, but you aren’t sure what it is. Perhaps a statement necklace is all you need this winter.

To be honest I find that statement necklaces only look good on me when I wear my clip in extensions to give me that mermaid hair, or have my hair up in a french twist styled bun, or a low hanging ponytail. ( I rarely wear my hair up)  I love the look of statement necklaces on a lot of women and I hope this post will help inspire you for your outfits this holiday season. But before I show off the necklaces that I’ve picked out.. here’s a little blast from the past with Mira Duma and her necklaces & Tips to make statement necklaces work for you + some of my top picks for right now.

MiroslavaDumaStyle.jpgAhh the style nostalgia of this one.

How To Wear A Statement Necklace:


Turtlenecks can be further complimented by a statement necklace. Don’t forget to wear your hair up, in a faux bob, or real!




Look for a necklace that can fit the theme of your outfit: Alike colours, texture, details.


Make a necklace pop, and don’t be afraid to pair bold colours together, including ones on the opposite end of the colour wheel spectrum.

Statement necklaces are also great for breaking up an all black look, or adding some oomph to your LBD! Or if your look is bordering on looking too minimalistic, spice it up with a good necklace. Plus this accessory also works well with plunging necklines.


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