NYE Inspired: Metallics & Over The Knee Boots

I’m pretty obsessed with making polyvore collages..and for the month of December i’m going to be posting outfit ideas to inspire you for all occasions! Including a post dedicated to styles that look great for dinner with your significant others parents- to lounging at home. But today’s post is dedicated to a look that is glammy, sexy and one that you can have a lot of fun with. & I know I’m early..but this look was too fun to create and well, here it is! Enjoy
New Years is that night when you get to be all glammed up, strutting through the streets in your stilettos, with a belly full of either good food, alcohol or a combination of both. As far as NYE style goes I love a look that has white, Or something over the top with feathers, or some type of embellishment that screams.. This is my year! But I also love to stick to the classics with outfits that have a bit of streamlined shine, e.g. Metallics.

nye style

But you know, New Years always happens to  fall on one of the coldest nights of the year (well at least where I’m from), and that means you have to wear a jacket; & this makes you either too cold, or too sweaty at some point throughout the night. But there’s one thing that can make any New Years outfit all the more better- and that is your choice of footwear. I love shoes with a good platform, including boots with a little height.  I remember when I was younger I wouldn’t mind wearing heels that are open toed, but these days I can’t stand to have cold feet, and a lot of my winter looks are based around boots.

I find boots to always be comfortable, they stay on your feet, and you don’t have to worry about someone stepping on your toes. You know how clumsy some drunk girls can be & men are worse! So that is why for this NYE inspired look I chose two simple things to go for when in doubt. A classic metallic dress, paired with boots that go over the knee. I know I chose all expensive pieces, but thanks to Polyvore I can’t resist making collages with all designer wear. Seriously look at that Charlotte Olympia purse with that zipper, and it’s sexy innuendos.But if you’re curious to know the brands I used in this look.. they’re included in this post. But in the end the look is like I said just a metallic dress paired with boots. Simple, sexy, fun and flashy for an amazing night out. Don’t forget to surround yourself with good company, in Russia there is a saying.. what you do on new years can set the year ahead of you. So make it a night that counts.


Versace black thigh boots
1,825 CAD – farfetch.com

Charlotte olympia purse
1,995 CAD – modaoperandi.com

Tom Ford lip cosmetic
55 CAD – net-a-porter.com

Essie shimmer nail polish
11 CAD – target.com

2 thoughts on “NYE Inspired: Metallics & Over The Knee Boots

    1. I will yes!! Because over the knee boots are an on and off trend (some years they seem hotter than usual).
      but I feel that this boot style is timeless. There is something sexy about the “OTKB” sexy with certain skirts and dresses..including sweater dress styles) love them!


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