Irina Shayk’s Turtleneck Dress + “How To Wear It” Tips

The holidays are nearing and i’m that holiday mood! I’ve already decided on what gifts to give, and the wrapping paper (I’ll be using a mix between brown paper with twine, and paper that has little reindeers). I’m also thinking of making my boyfriends mother, and family a special Italian dessert- with a few tweaks involving lemon zest and limoncello. Now since it is the holiday season, I thought it would be a good idea to make Casual Sunday a little more “dressier”, but will still have comfy, and casual elements. 


Irina Shayk has always been one of my favourite Russian models, and she’s been having a busy year! From runway shows, to campaigns, and publicity for her new boyfriend (Bradley Cooper). What i always notice about her personal style is that she’s not the type who goes out of her way to look overtly flashy. Most candid street photos of her, depict Shayk in workout gear, or outfits that are rather simple, and involve comfort.  She’s not the type who likes to wear a lot of accessories. In fact the only accessories that you’ll see regularly on her are Birkin bags, or when she’s donning a pair of Ray Bans. She is one of my favourite models to use Style wise for Casual Sunday posts- and today’s look will show you why. + A little tip on how to wear your hair with turtlenecks. IrinaShaykNewYorkTurtleneck.jpg

Irina Shayk in New York City after a Sports Illustrated swimsuit event.

The look itself plays up the neutrals, with only a pop of colour from a suede looking handbag. Her heels are simple, as is her turtleneck sweater dress, and camel coloured coat. She also knows how to wear her hair to suit the turtleneck outfit- and that is with a simple updo. Simple updo’s are the go to look for girls with long hair, who wish to pull off a turtleneck style- it makes you look polished, and doesn’t make you look as if you have no neck.IrinaShaykCasualStyle.jpgIf you do want to incorporate some colour into a look that uses neutrals, look for handbags or heels with pops of colour that you love.

Tip: The best way to pull off a look that involves turtlenecks is to keep some of these tips in mind. 1).Short hair works best with the look, and if you have long hair, wear an updo/ faux a bob. 2). Keep the look classic by wearing basic & neutral colours. 2). Turtlnecks look great when paired with a coat- just like Irina’s look. 3). Play With Texture- and look for quality when investing in a turtleneck.

Happy Casual Sunday Everyone:)



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