Trending This Winter.. Patchwork ?!! Velvet??! ETC!

The Patchwork Coat


Winter time usually means you need to wear items that will keep you warm, well this winter you can add a touch of flair by looking for jackets with multicoloured patchwork. I know what you’re thinking these might resemble that quilt your grandmother gifted you last christmas. But, this is the look du jour! Psst, these coats look best when paired with simple, black or leather leggings!! I’m almost falling for the Marni coat with it’s bold, reds, camels and cream patches that have been interspersed with touches of black. (All of these coats are from Marni)

Turn Heads In All Things Red


Red is that colour we gravitate towards when we want a showstopping piece. Cue lady in red. To up the ante on the look, if you’re wearing a red coat..add a graphic black and white piece!- the Black will keep you from looking like Mrs.Claus. (Far left, Wool Cashmere coat by Hugo Boss, Top left Mulberry Bag, Bottom Diane Von Furstenburg Bag, YSL pumps, Derek Lam Boucle Kimono Coat, Henri bendel iphone case )



What more is there to say? Silver is a holiday classic, next to White! oh and those gorgeous pumps in the image..are by Rene Caovilla- this designers heels are something else.

A Velvet Revival


1). Balmain embellished midi dress 2). Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Headband 3). Giuseppe Zanotti Coline Velvet Mules 4). Marc Jacobs Velvet Mini Dress

The Runway saw a lot of this plush material, that has been trending since Fall. If it’s been made, it’s probably been covered in velvet- everything from bags, to booties, to dresses to pleated wide trousers. Notable Designers who tackled the Velvet trend include: Gianvito Rossi, Balmain, Marc Jacobs,  Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Rebecca Minkoff, And Giuseppe Zanotti. (to name a few)

Winter Whites


I don’t think this trend is all that surprising, especially when wearing white in winter is chic! I personally love the idea of wearing white to holiday parties, including NYE events. Gold & white, Black and white..the possibilities are endless. Not only is white one of those shades that can make you appear oh so chic, but this shade is perfect for style minimalists- Just opt to pair white with creams, camels, or soft lavenders when layering up.

An Unexpected Reveal


I’m in love with pieces that can reveal skin in unexpected places… exposing bare arms, or backs. This style can be a showstopper worn to elegant affairs, or add a little bit of that edge factor you’ve been craving all season long.

Wide Legged Trousers


Wide legs, fall in and out of fashion- and often are reminiscent of decades long behind us. The look has gone through a modernization process- one that won’t leave you looking like a sailor in the navy. But yes, this look is amazing for the holidays! If you’re lucky you can snap up a pair on sale…like I managed to do- and let me tell you, these pants are one of my favourite pieces (I found a pair of Vince Camuto’s in black). To balance the look, especially if you’re pear shaped- slim fitting tops pair amazingly with wide legged pants- the overall look cinches in your waist, adds height and for that extra oomph..always wear heels. My rule for a successful outfit with wide legged pants: The longer the pants, the better!

Top Handled Bags


I’m obsessing over these bags from M2Malletier’s collection! I came across bags like these in Holt Renfrew..and wanted to purchase one. This bag has a modern vibe, and in my opinion comes off as “eclectic cool”.



You know who’s look I admire the most? Caroline Stanbury’s when she wore a jumpsuit by Stella McCartney. Simply Gorge. I love the idea, and look of jumpsuits but they also have a hidden benefit. Jumpsuits are perfect for girls who aren’t in the mood to wear the typical mini or cocktail dress over the holiday season- and here’s the best part if you’re waiting to get your wax on for an upcoming holiday Vacay, but still have a holiday party to attend prior..well jumpsuits are sleek, and sexy- and no one will know if you’ve waxed your legs- and guess what you’ll still remain a style queen. (psst those two last jumpsuits on the end in black are both by Stella McCartney)

Bulky Pumps


This happens to be one of the trends that annoys me the most, I seriously hate bulky heeled pumps. I always find that heels should look delicate. These are ridiculous and remind me of the 90’s, abby road…and well.. what are your thoughts?

Classic Metallics


As usual.. metallics are always a hit when the holidays come around! The blue metallic dress is by Oscar De La Renta, while the gold is by Dolce & Gabbana. And in case you’re wondering those gorgeous shoes are by Prabal Gurung! Love these!

Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂


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