Prayers For Paris, Prayers For The World

There are moments when I remain silent in thought, thinking of things that enrage, or deeply sadden me in this world. I do not like to post about my inner most thoughts on my blog, my views, my opinions (with the exception of fashion advice). But, I feel like breaking my silence tonight, and I’m joining the solidarity to say that my prayers are with Paris. The sympathy I wish to express for all those who lost their lives, to the families who will never get back those they loved, for the victims, the survivors and the moments of terror they endured, to the memories that have been etched into their minds..I’m sending my prayers.

But, my prayers do not stop in Paris. I’m sending them out and into the world- To those in Beirut,  and across the Middle East. To the individuals who are, or have left their homes for they are no longer welcome in the place they called home for generations. And, to the innocents who will face prejudice for believing in their faiths.


As for those who wish ill upon this world, for those who support this type of hatred, and damage. Do you know that you’re just a beating heart, and you can keep feeding your own hatred until that heart falters. But you will never take away our strength, our prayers, our hope, our accomplishments, our advancements, our rights, and our love. And I’m one женщина who will never live in fear, but with love and strength in my heart for my home and for this world. 





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