Mira Duma’s Latest Style Essentials

Miroslava Duma was notorious for wearing statement necklaces, the bigger the better- and those jewels always suited her. But the days of the statement necklace seem to have faded, being replaced by accessories that add to her newly evolved mature, & business chic style. The Russian style star always pulls off effortless style, even amid weeks of non-stop travel. She’s been busy expanding her fashion empire, + kick starting Buro 24/7’s Fashion Forward Initiative showcasing young talent from across Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. (Plus visiting Mongolia, Turkey, and countless other countries). In addition to all of that she’s been spotted in San Fransisco for the VFS summit. Oh and did I mention she did Paris Fashion Week- Cap à pie sans flaws. Anyways, this post is dedicated to Mira’s latest style, and what she has been wearing.

Miroslava Duma back then:

d84f7f186169f6ce6e52c01db1ca1ea9Miroslava Duma Now:MiraDuma.jpg

So, here’s what you came here for…The list of  the Russian style icons go to pieces;&  latest style essentials she’s been wearing lately!!



  • Round Framed Glasses: both eyeglasses and sunglasses alike. Each which compliment her hairstyle wether she wears it straight, or with a natural wave.
  • The shoes: Mira loves to wear black heels that are strappy- (like the Saint Laurent shoes I’m throwing in this post). She’s also obsessed with wearing white sneakers- including ones from nike.
  • The Little Black Handbag: One of the handbags Mira’s been seen wearing is from the 2015 Louis Vuitton collection and it’s called the Capucines bag . This bag seems to have everyone obsessing over. I can understand why with its professional and versatile appeal.
  • LouisvuittonCapucinesSaintLaurentRoundEyewear.jpg
  • Pantsuits: With Mira being involved in so many businesses (from being the founder of buro 24/7 and working alongside reward style etc..) it’s only fitting for her to look business chic. & if pantsuits aren’t your thing..and you still wish to emulate Mira Duma’s own style- go with a great tailored blazer, that is on the darker side of the colour palette.
  • Get Oversized: This is another one of her latest style essentials and that is to wear and that is anything that is oversized. Since Mira has such a tiny stature, she really can pull off the look of wearing jackets- to sweaters that are oversized- they envelope her in just the right way.
  • Cellphone: To really copy some of Mira’s  busy- business woman style..don’t forget to always hold your cellphone up to your ear!





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