Fall’s Viral Fashion Trends. 2015/16.

Fall trends have been circulating for a while now! And there’s been a few trends that I’ve noticed that have been gaining popularity in recent days- either on Instagram, Real life, Vogue, or on Polyvore. So, here they all are! There’s everything from Sleeveless jackets to lug soles.

Sleeveless Jackets




Am I fan of sleeveless jackets? Not in particular, well that’s a partial truth! You see I love the style of a sleeveless jacket that has that front draped effect- It’s a style that looks amazing on almost anyone. It’s chic, and just screams fall. But for the style of a sleeveless jacket that is essentially a hybrid between a vest and a jacket- if worn incorrectly it begins to resemble an outfit DJ tanner might have worn (if any of you have seen full house, and remember that episode where DJ had her first day of Highschool and wore the same outfit as her teacher..yeah that’s how bad some sleeveless jackets can look. P.S. I’m including that image of DJ at the end of the post to re-fresh your memories).

Lug Soles


Lug soles have been spotted all over the runway- a lot of the Italian fashion houses have been embracing the style, and putting their own spin on the looks. Valentino brings together Rockstud and the lug sole, while Moschino is going Biker. This style is for those who are edgy, who have an inner bad girl, or who are looking to inject a little bit more androgyny to their style.

Fall Pastels & Neutrals


I love the idea of wearing pastels in fall to chase away the gloominess fall days have the habit of casting. Plus why should we be restricted to the basics, to neutrals- it’s time to change that!

Tennis shoes & Sneakers 


For fashionistas on the go! Sneakers and tennis shoes have come a long way over the years to appeal to universal styles. One of my pet peeves with tennis shoe and sneaker wearers is when you pair these with dresses!

Fall Blues


I don’t know if any of you know this, but I love electric, royal or indigo blues. if you’re outfit is feeling the blahs…something blue might be just what you need to complete the look, or inject some life into it. Currently I’m obsessed with my Lord & Tailor pants and the blue colour just make me feel so edgy.

Pointed Flats


I can’t get enough of this trend, I remember once I was running to catch the bus in a pair of Dolce Vita pointed flats..and the bus driver gave my shoes a quick lookover and was shocked and asked me ho I managed to run in these shoes. Well, he clearly mistook them for heels. Anyways, if you are always on the go and you can’t stand to wear Sneakers, or heels.. pointed flats are that in between shoe to go for, esepcially D’orsay styles. They are so sexy, and elegant.

Pebbled Leather:


What can I say, I love pebbled leather- from Chloe to YSL. I endorse this trend simply because I love quality leather goods and I want to see the disolution of all things made of Saffiano leather. Yuck.I swear it’s plastic.

Hardware affair

Top handled handbags that resemble trunks have been seen around for a while, and if you’re into the whole.. Oh hey I shrunk my luggage in the wash sort of look-well then this type of handbag is for you. These are just too cute. Elena Perminova loves these btw!

Oversized Knits & Jackets + Layers


Anything that’s oversized or for layering, this is one of those timeless trends that transitions well into winter. pair oversized coats, cardigans, or sweaters with bottoms that are skinny, or well tailored.

And as promised…


Yep sleeveless jackets can remind me of this very look, especially if you wear a white shirt, and beige sleeveless jacket.. with loose pants. Please don’t do this!


Well lovelies and matryoshkas I hope you enjoyed this fall fashion, and this fall trend report! + you can see these looks in closer detail on my pinterest page.



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