Top Places To Shop Across The Globe

You’ve guessed it!, I love to shop (typical, right?). I’m going to start off by saying that I’ve had  my fare share of memorable shopping adventures all over the world…and in today’s post I’m listing my top 10 favourite places across the globe that I found to be some of the hottest places to shop. By the way this list doesn’t include New York, Milan or Paris, So this isn’t a list you’d expect…and I’ve included my own photos that I took on my travels! I wasn’t the best photographer back then, and I can honestly say that I’ve improved since!

1). Steffl Department Store. Vienna, Austria.- When I look back at my time spent in Vienna, I always remember Steffl Department store…it kind of reminded me of Holt Renfrew (from back home), and was one of the first countries outside of North America where I made my first purchase. I remember seeing all these scarves..and there was this one scarf in particular that jumped out at me. It was made of Silk, with a lot of gold sequins..and it was by this brand called “Cordello”. It cost me 80 euro’s.. I ended up wearing that scarf  everywhere. Actually all of Vienna is an amazing place to shop, and you can manage it all by foot- everything is within walking distance.So Yes, Steffl- YOU need to check it out! This department store has different floors, and it’s in the heart of classical Vienna.

europe 2010 195

ViennaShoppingBurberry.jpgJust some photos I took while In Vienna..that really came in handy for this post! I loved the way the streets clean and soo pretty

europe 2010 203

europe 2010 243

Can I just take a moment to apologize to this lady I don’t know who you are..but I’m sorry for blinding you with my flash! 

2). Eurovea Galleria- Bratislava, Slovakia. It’s like THE place to go in Bratislava. The mall is close to the Danube river, and is  equipped with outdoor patios for snacking and recovering ones strength after shopping, and.. strange exercise thingies that I suspect was meant for providing the patio foodies with free entertainment. (Thanks to the street style in Vienna, this mall held a dress that haunted me during my travels..and I eventually bought it!)

europe 2010 280



Outside of the Euroea mall..and overlooking the Danube and the fun outdoor area for Apre-Shopping eating!

3). Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills, California. Yep, this is on my list! I’d say this place is worth visiting, it’s one of those Iconic places to shop. It has been featured in so many movies. I remember I wore this cute little bubble dress, with gold Michael Kors heels into the shops- the sales associates were so friendly. No “pretty woman” moments there, Phew! I really loved my touristy photo-ops here with the besties 🙂


I didn’t take this photo fyi

4). Fashion Valley, San Diego, California. This place is huge! At least if you get hungry from all of the store hopping..there’s California pizza to chow down on. I also love the name of this place.

5). Carnaby street. London, UK. There is a million streets to shop in London..but what makes Carnaby street unique is that it has something a bit creepy about it. And that is..if you walk by the Shakespeare head’ll notice a waxy looking figure of Shakespeare staring down at you. it’s not supposed to be creepy.. but the Shakespeare figure creeped me out more than my time spent in the catacombs underneath Stephansdom cathedral. & For that, Carnaby street is unique..also for it’s alleyways, and it has a Fornarina shoe shop!



Somehow I really do love Fornarina shoes…made in Italy and leather, Yes Please! Yes I even managed to take a picture of Shakespeare.

6). Schiphol Airport. Amsterdam. Netherlands. Hej! I remember seeing so many bright and colorful shoes, which was impressive because..I don’t mean to be rude to the Netherlands or the Dutch..but all of your shops windows have such depressing/conservative looking clothing! Even in the summer..bland shades (lack of colour), and.. mule shoes galore.

europe 2010 741

7). Heathrow Airport. Greater London. UK. This is one of the best airports that I’ve been in for duty free shopping. My Advice: Throw out all of your belongings when you arrive. You can do some serious credit card suicide here. An individual could live here for weeks..and look fabulous everyday.


Yep..I like to keep my shopping bags! 

8). Luxury Row. Honululu. Hawaii. ( & T galleria by DFS located in Honolulu) Shopping in are surrounded by the beauty of palm trees, the streets are clean, the air smells like pineapples..and the stores have that brand new feel! Versace, Tiffany’s…what more could a girl ask for?

9). Monastiraki Market. Athens, Greece. This is a true flee market, and reminded me of something straight out of Aladdin, devoid of any Magic lamps of course! I stumbled across this market..after visiting a Byzantine church. I think there was even a fake Nike store. This is probably one of the best places to find souvenirs.

europe 2010 491The church close to the bazaar

10). Anywhere in Vancouver, BC- Canada. From the infamous Robson street, to pacific center that’s filled with shops..and is attached to three major Departmnet stores (The Hudson’s bay Company aka “The Bay”, To the very Canadian Holt Renfrew, and newcomer..The largest Nordstrom Ever that just opened this September. Vancouver is becoming a decent place to shop. And well, I have a love/hate relationship with this city when it comes to shopping.

3 thoughts on “Top Places To Shop Across The Globe

  1. Hmm, that mall in Slovakia wasn’t there when I last went….I missed it. Sigh. Schiphol Airport is fun to wander — finding a good purse in the Nederlands was brutal when I lived there… I like Copenhagen Airport as well as Reykjavik Airport, too. Some local brands that make it fun (Pilgrim Jewelry/InWear in Denmark and North 66/ Icelandic Wool goods in Iceland.)

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    1. What lead you to living in the Nederlands? And what are your thoughts on Slovakia?
      ( Yes, I actually went a few months after the opening..back in 2010..)
      I’m wishing I could stock up on some of that Icelandic wool :0, you must have had so much fun dressing up in the winter!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Work and graduate school lead me to the Nederlands. I found Slovakia to be interesting — an architecture blend between communism and castles. People looked like me and I enjoyed the beer. I would like to ski in the Tatra mountains. Slovakia was Canada to the Czech Republic’s America. More natural resources.
        I am all about knits in the winter….I have a serious mitten collection….:D

        Liked by 1 person

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