A September Update

Hey everyone I don’t usually do updates- but I have to apologize for my lengthy absence from the blog-o-sphere! From August until now..seriously time has gone by sooo fast and I haven’t been in a blogging mood for the following reason: I’ve been busy taking care of my lovely mom, who injured herself- and my new role made me into a “nurse, nutritionist, maid, therapist, chef, and physio therapist” all in one. Let’s just say it’s not an easy task to take care of someone who’s gone through an unexpected accident that requires round the clock care..you really have to go above and beyond and become this super-woman/human.

You also need a lot of patience, and energy! And it really helps when you have someone incredible in your life who can listen to you at the end of the day (my boyfriend had to deal with a few of my stress-break downs.) So if you guys are willing to be patient with me, I promise to put up some posts soon,- as in my spare moments (which is rare) I have had some time to slowly type away and create a few posts..that I hope you will find amusing. I also hope to comment on your posts! And catch up on all the wordpress happenings that I’ve been missing out on.. Also as a peace offering for being absent..I hope you enjoy some of these lovely Fashion illustrations by Sabine Pieper that I’ve been admiring.





4 thoughts on “A September Update

    1. I’m definitely staying strong, and I’ve gotten into this routine…to be able to manage everything..in the beginning it was so hard, and now my mom is slowly gaining her independence back but it’s a long road of recovery for her- thank you so much for your well wishes and thoughtfulness, lovely Ret. 🙂 I will have to look into some old posts for sure.!


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