September, The Time For Style & Fresh Starts

Each September I was concerned with having all of my school supplies, I made sure that I read enough novels throughout the summer, practiced my writing skills, and hoped to look better than previous years. When I look back to the school days, particularly in September, I kind of cringe. I went to a school that lacked any fashion or style sense. In fact the girls who wore Guess purses acted as if they were toting around something hot off the Milan runway. But I was no better, I never favoured fashion and never could imagine that one day in the future I would have a fashion blog, know a good chunk of street stars by name, or be able to discuss trends that e.g “incorporate androgynous, chic or femme elements”.


But even in the darkest time of my style struggle, people still found me to be fashionable. There were moments  in my life when fashion and I were just not meant to be. But something changed in the last two years of high school, and that was that I enjoyed looking good (but still wasn’t that immersed in the fashion world). When September rolled around, I wanted to have an amazing photo for the yearbook. & I began my own quest to follow my own set of fashion never daring to put my feet in a pair of runners, and backpacks were no longer what I wanted to be lugging my textbooks around in. It’s hard to look good when you feel like a tortoise!! Even so, I still had no clue that street style would become a thing, or that celebrities with the power of social media could influence future youth to dress a different way- their way(Especially Kylie Jenner).


Today’s youth are lucky! They have access to more clothing outlets (if you live in British Columbia you know how that feels..when the city of Vancouver is finally moulding into a fashion Mecca with fashion retailers, outdoor shopping outlets, and not to mention that H&M is still rather new to us (circa 2008), + it H&M has provided us all with our much needed in the moment trend fixes. So, to all those years that I couldn’t have the greatest style moments in history- If I could go back in time with all of the shops that my city has available now, and my acquired fashion sense; I think I’d be able to look through old photos without a trace of a grimace on my face.

Haha, But..My advice for any of you who are returning to school in September, this is your time to start fresh with your style. Don’t only go for trend items, look for pieces that have a timeless appeal that you can mix and match all the latest trends with to develop your own style for the new school year. & don’t over-do it with the makeup! Less is more, and a little lipstick goes a long way to lifting anyones look.


What was your back in the day style like? Which period in time do you wish you could take all of your fashion knowledge and apply it to? What styles do you want to resurrect?  Etc..Feel free to comment below you never know who you’ll influence with a simple comment and a little advice 🙂





7 thoughts on “September, The Time For Style & Fresh Starts

  1. The last three years of high school, I was very much in favour of wearing what I wanted, because I knew that I had the age to get away with it. It included a lot of black.
    The other people at my school were often dressed quite boring and the same. We had a naturally evolving fashion style there. Very intruiging actually 🙂


    1. That’s the best approach to wear whatever you want, and I agree..being younger you can get away with more looks- it’s the time to experiment 😛 I’m curious about your classmates clothing!!
      ( in my school we also had a lot of varieties of “style”… if you wore a lot of black (and by that I mean heavy eyeliner, chains, long floor sweeping leather jackets- reminiscient of the matrix etc.) you were referred to as a “goth”, and wearing cameo pants made you “grunge”)


  2. I had a different look everyday in High School: punk, preppy, cheerleader, athlete, 80’s angular, mall rat, bombshell, vintage, sports nut, tres cool, european, sexy, New Wave —you get the picture. XO


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