Carving Out A Space Of Your Own, For Bloggers Only

I’m kidding this post can be for anyone who needs it,  I’m not harbouring a secret vendetta against non-bloggers! No Way! There is something that we all need, a place where we can let our imaginations run wild with limited interruptions. A space that has comfort, and has all that you need to binge write, or even casually write. Lately i’ve been transforming a spare room of mine into my blog-office, a place where I can blog without interruptions, surrounded by items that inspire me. I do a lot of my blogging at home, and things can get pretty noisy inside my house! Vacuum cleaners, a barking chi-pin, to dishwashers, and tv noise. Sometimes it’s pretty infuriating.

RebeccaMinkoff.jpgWhat does your blog-office/personal space  look like?

Well…I have shelves that display my high heels, places that keep magazines, and look books contained (Yes, I like to keep look-books, especially ones from Fashion Week!) & having hard-copies around just seems to make the whole blogging experience real, instead of surreal. I have soothing candles with unique scents, a glass jar adorned with a straw bow that holds my flashdrives. I also have photographs framed of my boyfriend and I (he motivates/ supports me whenever I feel down during my blogging adventures!), While one of the second important pieces found in my office is my wrought iron and glass table that I made into my own fashionable desk. It’s definitly a table I love to blog away on for hours at a time. While the walls in the room are filled with canvas artwork, and bright splotches of paint to lift the mood. I’ve even added a mantle with fireplace to bring warmth into the room- it gets sooo cold in the winter!  You see you can get creative with your space, and in the end you need to find decor ideas that suit who you are. Use flowers, use your shoes, use your favourite fashion accessories, put your favourite quote in sight, make it chic!


I’ll admit that having your own space challenges your interior designer skills, and trust me there will be a time when your skills will be put to use. Perhaps you wish to interview a fashion designer via skype, or have a conference video call. A fashion blogger needs a place where they can talk, or video chat- and it helps if the backdrop during said video chats shows off your eclectic tastes. In the end you’ll appear more professional..if say you’re showing off an artsy canvas, over a bed! Having your own space isn’t all about the look, it’s really about being your personal space that lets you put in all of your effort with minimal distractions. A place of comfort, and a place that lets your dreams run wild to become a reality.

& don’t forget to check out my pinterest page, especially my board dedicated to the fashion bloggers office space for more inspiration.

Extra Inspiration

& I’d like to know where do you blog? Is it a coffee shop? At home? a local library? Outside under the sunshine? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Carving Out A Space Of Your Own, For Bloggers Only

    1. Haha, oh no! Oh nice 🙂 Yeah, the coffee shop would be a fun place to type away..and the fact that you can have coffee- made by someone also pretty nice !! 🙂
      ( I bet it would have been enjoyable to bring your laptop to the bike-decorated coffee shop you mentioned )

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