How To Interview Fashion Designers For Your Blog

Privet!! I’m going to keep this short, sweet and neat! Fashion blogging involves a lot of different aspects (especially behind the scenes!) including interviewing fashion designers to feature on your blog! In the beginning of my blog, I was incredibly shy. I wouldn’t have dreamed of writing anything more than what the Russian it girls were wearing. As time passed by, my confidence grew (thanks to a lot of the friendly people on WordPress)and I began to attend fashion related events, while interviewing a few fashion designers along the way. So with that being said, here are some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way that can help you make your blog stand out, and get you those interviews. 


How to get interviews:

  • Be Patient! (blogging always requires patience!)
  • With a fashion blog sometimes designers will contact you and wish for you to post about their latest collection, this is the perfect opportunity to ask them if they would enjoy being interviewed and featured in an upcoming post.
  • Attend fashion related events around your city,( including fashion week if you can) and take this as an opportunity to network
  • Don’t forget that you can always reach out to designers on your own, don’t be afraid! The worst thing that can happen is that you won’t get a response. Next!


Preparing For A Successful interview

  • Research: Always do your research on who you’re about to interview! This will help you ask them interesting and original questions, and it shows how professional and prepared you are. Which brings me to my next point!
  • Have questions prepared in advance!
  • Be prepared to record the interview. I often use my iphone to record the conversation, that I’ll then to be transcribe and edit later.
  • Ask for quotes about their latest collection, as well as their inspiration..these questions often lead to getting to know an individual on a personal level.
  • If you can’t have the interview in person, you can have one via skype or email. For skype interviews make sure to set up a space in your own home that isn’t noisy, and won’t be a place with many interruptions. ( I have made my old bedroom into my office/ walk in closet..and it’s the perfect place for interviews and work to be completed)
  • Speakers with a built in mic that can hook up to your laptop/ or iphone headphone jack come in handy for skype calls. Macbook pro’s seriously have lousy speakers.
  • Business cards, these are important to have if you do attend events, and it makes it easier when you’re networking, and it’s an easy way to exchange information.. which could lead to an interview!

Hope these tips were helpful!  Feel free to leave your tips below! & I also want to say don’t be afraid to go after your dreams…I’m going to quote someone here that might be unexpected..but here goes!

 “Don’t let your Dreams be Dreams” – Shia Labeouf 


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