DIY: How To Dye Hair Extensions (Platinum Blonde To Ash Brown)

Privet! Some of you may remember my post on my Russian remy human hair extensions that I had bleached to an ash/platinum blonde. Well I decided to DIY colour match them to my own hair colour because I want this hair to look as real as possible for next weekend’s wedding, without an extra trip to the salon.

Let me just say that I spent hours researching the process of transitioning platinum blonde extensions into a light ash brown. I also tested the process out on a single weft of hair ( you could also do a strand test) I wanted to avoid colour mishaps, while eliminating the possibility of throwing out perfectly good hair extensions. I needed this to turn out!! What I’ve learned was that there are a few things to keep in mind when transitioning from one hair colour into another. Platinum blonde hair for example has a silver tone, as it lacks both red, and golden tones. So when you want to make Platinum blonde turn into a natural, light ash brown, you need to replace the red tones before you can use box dye that is ash brown.  

HairExtensions.jpgAbove: before and after shots of when the Russian remy clip in extensions were bleached

I went to the drugstore and found two different hair colours to work with, that would ultimately end up being layered together. One after the other. I read that you need a filler, which means you need to replace something your platinum hair colour is missing before it can be dyed into the final shade. You also have to consider that Platinum blonde contains a silver/ white tone, and if you were to apply ash brown on top of that the hair colour could turn either grey or green since ash brown hair dye contains a green tone.  Filler shades are important! So for your filler shade that will contain this red/ golden tone, opt for hair dyes that claim to be either golden, or natural brown to counter-act the green tone that ash brown hair dye has. (Red and green cancel each other out).

Things you’ll need:

-Aluminum foil

-Two different drugstore box hair dye colours (I used L’oreal Excellence creme in E3 Light Golden Brown and in E01 Natural Ash Brown)

-Old towels, for keeping things tidy, and stain free

-A Timer

– a bowl ( to pour the hair dye in, it makes brushing the colour onto the hair easier.)

The steps:

First before the hair dyeing even began I had to look for the optimal spot in my house to use as a makeshift salon, so I chose to work in my basement that has doors and windows for ventilation, and had a laundry tub for rinsing out the excess hair dye on the hair extensions. I then set up an old towel on a large surface, that was to be covered with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil doesn’t absorb the hair dye you’re working with, and the old towel is added protection so you don’t stain your work surface with hair dye. Then lay the extensions over the aluminum foil, and get ready to brush on the dye.


Putting the hair dye on: The light golden brown replaced the red tone missing in the platinum blonde hair that is needed before the hair can be turned into the colour of ash brown!

I chose to work with L’oreal’s Excellence creme in E3 called Light Golden Brown. When I applied the light golden brown dye, the platinum hair picked up the red tone, which meant success that I had now replaced the red tone back into the hair, and I eliminated the risk of having my clip ins turn grey, or GREEN. I then followed the hair dyes instructions, set my timer and then rinsed out the excess hair dye, while using the conditioner for hair dye provided. I let the wet extensions dry out on micro fiber cloths.

DIYHairDyeHairExtensions.jpgHow the extensions looked after being rinsed, and drying after the application of L’oreal Excellence Creme’s Light Golden Brown colour. See how the hair picked up the red tones it was lacking?

The next step involved waiting for the hair extensions to dry completely before dyeing them for the second and final time. I used Lo’real excellence creme in E01 in natural ash brown. Rinse, and let the extensions dry..and enjoy the final results! If you wish to get rid of the hair dye odour..wait a while before shampooing your extensions with a shampoo that is sulphate free and safe for coloured hair, and follow up with a hair mask to lock in some needed tlc and moisture.

AshBrownHairExtensions.jpgThe final hair dye application took away the drastic red tones, and replaced it with more of an ash brown colour, that now blends into my own hair! 

Things to consider..

-Don’t let hair dye to sit for two long, use it immediately ( I had a hair dye explosion..but it could have been worse if I hadn’t of acted fast..and yes hair dye is volatile stuff !)

-And don’t forget that just because hair dye says it is a certain colour , well that doesn’t guarantee that it will turn out to look that way once its been applied to your hair extensions, or even on your own head! You still need to take into account the state of your hair, what natural tones does it have, or even lack, and what colour is it? Use the colour wheel for help, and do your research… in my hair dye process…I showed you how I used red to cancel out any green tones to prevent the hair from turning green or grey! It takes a bit of research and time to customize your colour to the shade you want, and when in doubt…you can also do a strand test!

Hope this post was helpful




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