Elena Perminova, Chloé, Et D’inspiration Bohémienne

Think shades of ivory, and cascading layers that draw from hippie and bohemian influence creating that boho chic look that seems to resurface every summer.  I’m sure none of you are all that surprised to see the return of boho. But, Some of you might be surprised to know that whenever the bohemian style is involved, there is often a hint of irony lingering. The boho style never began as a fashion statement, in fact the style was often worn by women who were indifferent to fashion altogether. The bohemian style didn’t filter itself into the style scene until the women of the early 21st century wanted to discard their bourgeoisie reputation in favour of a spirited, raw, and nomadic style consisting of flowing skirts, and patterns with endless florals.

Anyways, Privet Matryoshkas! This may be the second consecutive Casual Sunday post featuring Elena Perminova, but I simply could not resist after seeing her dressed up in chloé’s bohemian outfits that set the mood for summer. Plus there’s a little bit of philanthropy involved. & a few must haves to keep in mind if you want to perfect your own boho chic style.

Elena Perminova Bohemian

Elena Perminova Chloe

Not only do I find all of these looks perfect for some Casual Sunday inspiration, but I love the back story to each image. You see Elena Perminova has set up a charity that aims to help Russian children in need ( for costly medical procedures), and Elena sets up an online auction with her clothing to raise money for her charity SOS by Elena Perminova . This time her clothing by chloé is to be auctioned off. + Every so often a new item goes up on the auction block!

Elena Perminova Chloe

Now…If you are fan of all things boho, there are a few (okay 10) key things you should keep in mind when you’re out on your next shopping adventure. 1). Headbands that resemble floral crowns can polish off the boho chic look, as well as elastic styled headbands. 2). Slouchy distressed ankle booties 3). Anything floral. 4) All white outfits that create their own volume and have a knack for catching the wind . 5). Printed maxi dresses 6). A floppy, big sun hat- Elena Perminova’s often a fan of the floppy hat! 7). Chunky jewelry that have earth shades and tones 8). Anything that has crazy prints! 9). A big hippie inspired purse- the floppier the better, including cross body and messenger bags. 10).  Big sunglasses are a must! -And remember boho is a carefree, fun and spirited style.

Elena Perminova Chloe SOS


Elena Perminova Chloe SOS

& I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and this post 🙂


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