Miroslava Duma’s Style & Travel Tips

“Simplicity is key when it comes to packing luggage like a pro, but what can sabotage your packing is that little problem of choosing which pieces from your wardrobe are worthy enough to make the cut.  It’s not like you can bring your entire closet, but there are a few hacks to make you look like you did, so you can remain your sartorial best in Paris, to even the Maldives (psst the Maldives is a favourite amongst the Russian jet-set).

Many of us know that Miroslava Duma is the founder of Buro 24/7, and that she’s known to those of us who are fashion-crazed for her tantalizing street style. When the Russian it girl is not attending Fashion Week in Milan, Paris or New York, she’s hopping a plane to a new destination due to the popularity of her online publication Buro 24/7 that has exploded internationally. Now All of this leaves me wondering how Miroslava Duma manages to stay fresh faced, and always stylish, and what some of her best tips for travel are.

Back in May (2015) Miroslava traveled for the launch of Buro 24/7 Singapore, and she got to sit down and answer a few questions for Lifestyle Asia, regarding some of her travel and beauty secrets + how she keeps her luggage lighter, with all of her style essentials.

With skincare, Mira likes to keep things simple… “I just use baby soap, a cream from my cosmetologist, Lubov Andreenva and my Chanel Lip Hydrator”.

When it comes to beauty tips, the most important thing… Is always remove your makeup before you go to bed. Skin, like the mind, needs to rest, breathe and decompress. Always set time aside to recharge. + Mira’s also a faithful believer in keeping her skin hydrated, and drinking water often is key.


Mira on that one good accessory that can transform a series of outfits…An interesting accessory is like an art piece you can place against diverse environments to evoke different personalities.

Her must-have accessory when travelling.. is my multifunctional Ralph Lauren scarf!

It’s important to maximize suitcase space when travelling … coming from a frosty country, one learns quickly that layering is a very helpful tool. This reduces the need for bulky items in a limited space. Invest in a good quality cashmere sweater that is lightweight yet snug.

+From what I’ve seen Mira also knows how to wear bottoms more than once, each in a different way so the look can appear completely different.( well..minus the poncho looks..but you know what I mean! Investing in a good pair of bottoms is great for versatility) During paris Fashion Week 2014, I noticed Miroslava Duma wearing her bottom pieces more than once, which is the best, and simple strategy many of us usually use to keep our travel bags lighter. Here are two examples I came up with in photos:


Mira wearing  pants with two different styled tops (as well as the yellow cable knit sweater, which was featured in a Casual Sunday post)


Left: Mira in a J.W Anderson poncho wearing the same jeans as the photo in the right of Mira wearing a poncho from Tod’s Fall 2014 line.


+ I love how she killed some of that stigma surrounding fashion that you can never be seen wearing the same thing twice. Where what you love, and don’t keep count!




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