Trying A Trend: DIY Dermaplaning aka Face Shaving!!

Privet 🙂 ! Well I often tell my mom all of my beauty secrets, currently I’m trying to get her to use some purple shampoo on her hair to help combat brassiness from the combination of hair dye and sunshine. So when I told her of my latest beauty experiment she started to yell at me. She told me I would regret my decision of facial shaving and that I would grow into an old women with a hairy face, and that my barely there facial baby hairs would become“thick and dark”.  Well, I’ve done my own DIY a total of three times in the last 2 months, and my baby hairs have not become thick, or darker as a result of my new beauty quest. So you may now be wondering why I’ve decided to try out this new trend- that might make people come up to you just to say “Ты сегодня выглядишь как огурчик/ you look fresh like a cucumber” as a result 😉 (and yes that is a real Russian compliment if you were wondering!)

“It’s summertime, and direct sunlight in my opinion is a pretty harsh light that can expose flaws that are not often seen in other types of light. What I hate is that when ones face has peach fuzz, or baby hairs makeup can cling to the hairs and make them look more noticeable in the sunlight, and that is unappealing/ aggravating to me. Second, face shaving is said to have many benefits, why not? Men do it all the time, (seriously though my boyfriend has the smoothest face in all of the lands when he shaves- and his complexion is pretty damn perfect- so he’s on to something there!) As for the benefits, if you were to go to a spa, and order a chemical peel an aesthetician would probably prep your face with a procedure known as dermaplaning.



This image that I found is for all of you who are too lazy to read all of this and just want the short explanation! Haha

And Dermaplaning is just a fancy term for face shaving! The intended use of dermaplaning is to remove the skins surface layer of grime, and dead skin cells that have built up, and often leave your pores clogged. So it’s really another method of exfoliation, which leaves me all the more intrigued if it can remove dead skin cells and keep my pores and face looking as fresh as that cucumber.Shave-2

Other benefits of this method include allowing ones makeup to sit on the skin more smoothly, which means you’re no longer restricted to downward  motion techniques when applying your foundation! It also allows for your moisturizer to absorb into your skin better, as well your most coveted beauty/ anti-aging serums, and by clearing your skin of that build up it will aid in anti-aging all on it’s own.  And when you feel your face after, it’s abnormally silky after! Plus Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe were said to incorporate this into their own beauty routines. ! Anyways some girls do not use a full on razor, but an eyebrow razor instead like the tinkle razor (which btw I have never used the tinkle razor myself, but it looks cute in all those pastel colours!)

Below Youtube video of someone who shaves their face!





3 thoughts on “Trying A Trend: DIY Dermaplaning aka Face Shaving!!

  1. Very interesting. It got me to thinking though, that even when men shave their own face, there are still parts of the face with peach fuzz that they’re not shaving. So, dermaplaning is just treating the peach fuzz like a beard while still leaving the rest of it intact?

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    1. Yes, also men usually don’t shave the entire face, and some may not have as prominent peach fuzz. And yes it’s for treating peach fuzz, I’ve read that laser hair removal is not an option as the hair is too light for the laser, while waxing seems too drastic and too aggressive for ones skin on their face.


  2. It does give a fresh look…i recommend it under the care of an aesthetician after age 30 as it opens the skin to accept much more moisture and care and paired with the right combination can really keep skin glowing, stimulate collagen and handle sun damage…

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