Brunch & Bridal Showers

Privet everyone! Last weekend was my cousin’s bridal shower, and I managed to wake up at 6am to get ready, which included the routine of putting in my extensions, putting on a full face of makeup, and bringing out the Valentinos. In my attempt to sheer a few extra minutes off getting ready in the morning I decided to curl my extensions with a hot roller set the previous night (Every minute counts in the morning!!).  I then left to get to the venue which was held at a local golf course- and luckily I made it on time! I took quite a few photos, some I’m going to share here just in case some bride to be’s are looking for some inspiration for their own bridal shower.  I also must say that my aunt did an amazing job at pulling off the special occasion, the venue and food served for the brunch portion was incredible. Of course all of the women who attended brought a mountain of delectable desserts, including some traditional Italian cookies. I loaded my plate up with crepes, eggs, sausages, everything! with some champagne too 🙂 

As for the bridal shower fashion to be seen at this event most of the ladies wore dresses, quite a few fit and flairs, and a lot of women wore blues, and whites! Loved how everyone looked, I even recognized one woman wearing a beautiful Cynthia Rowley dress (& I couldn’t resist complimenting her) And the bride to be wore a gorgeous white little dress, with some pretty scalloped details. As for my Italian aunts and mom, they wore black and white, and so did I in a way…you can definitely tell that we’re related.

& I loved that my aunt put her own little spin on the italian tradition of bonbonerie- she gave out these cute little tea steepers, and mini honey pots (I also took home a few of these in excess hehe, perks of being the brides cousin 🙂  Anyways enjoy the photos!

BridalShowerIdeas.jpgLeft: Selfie of my nails, and outfit, Right: The bride to be wearing a hat with bows that came from all of the gifts she was showered in! (Apparently this is a tradition)




The girl with her tongue sticking out, in the blue/white dress is my younger cousin btw. Haha, I hope she doesn’t see this photo…

BridalShowerBingo.jpgThe Bridal shower game included bridal bingo!

BridalShowerDesserts.jpgLeft: centrepiece, Mason jar with lemons and flowers, Right: Just a few desserts 😉


Some more of the desserts (which everyone got to take home ..literally boxes and boxes of deserts..I took home a lot of the pizelles (made from my great aunt/zia), and the mini cupcakes)


La petite cupcake tower 


Showing off the venue, it was lovely for the sun filtered in perfectly…it was bright and open..



This was the outfit I wore, but sub the shoes for my yellow Valentino rockstuds:)

Outfi By t:GUESS, Women’s Joel Lace Pencil Skirt

9 thoughts on “Brunch & Bridal Showers

  1. Adorable wedding ideas! The food looks tantalizing. The most I loved is your manicure with a hot pink touch. Not very clear in the picture though, your ring seems chic and gorgeous. Is it a real stone ring?

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