Beauty Secrets From Russia & The Ukraine, With Love

Privet my lovely Matryoshkas!! The Au Naturel trend is back in for summer. Models and celebrities alike are showing off fresh-faces, no longer masked by layers of makeup that make them recognizable to us. Instead, we are seeing a softer side, a side that has captured an innocence we’ve never imagined. It’s refreshing. Anyways where am I going with this?! Well, today’s post is about Russian and Ukrainian beauty secrets- namely beauty routines from this region of the world, what it girls do, and some funny little quotes from them I’ve found. Besides most of you are familiar with the stereotype/ reputation where Russian and Ukrainian women are the most beautiful’.

I think it’s hard for many to shake thoughts of tall women, clad in ushanka’s, who have boldly accentuated lips, and bright eyes to snare a man with- when Russian or Ukrainian women are mentioned. That Russian women have a coldness that they inherited from their seemingly cold country. I’m Ukrainian and I’m far from cold. But somehow stereotypes have stuck with Russian and Ukrainian women- and we remain with the title of being the world’s hottest, the most beautiful etc, insert descriptive word here__. I suppose the “it girls”, and the way Russian and Ukrainian women are portrayed in say bond films fuel the stereotypes and even dare I say it men’s fantasies further. Truth is every culture has beautiful women- but if you have to know- if you’re simply dying to know what we do to keep this stereotype/truth alive..then read on, and I hope you’re amused by what you read here are beauty secrets with love. And yes I’m offering my opinions on each tip, and what improvements/ lack of I’ve found.

1. Face Slapping: I think this will be one of the weirdest tips/ secrets for you to read. It’s a method when you kind of slap your face in quick, and briefly on your forehead, to your cheeks, chin, and neck areas, with light finger massages near your eyes every morning and evening- you can apply your moisturizer this way. There is a claim that this method boasts temporary collagen production, firms the face, and shrinks the pores. I’ve decided since I’m putting up these tips I’m going to try out some of them, I actually have been trying this one out for two days and so far my face feels as though i’ve slapped it, it feels firm- but then again I’m in my 20’s, if I see any noticeable improvements ( or if not) I’ll keep you posted! and there’s even a post with a video of this and how face slapping is done.

2. exfoliate with Honey and Sea Salt, Irina shayk herself enjoys using the two on her face, however personally I’ve been using this method for a long time, only I use sugar instead of sea salt, with sea salt I’ve noticed that the salt crystals are so big, but it does not feel as though my face is being exfoliated, but with sugar instead of sea salt my face feels softer, and as though I exfoliated it.

 Skin-wise, I’ve been very lucky, because it’s easy to take care of, and, so far—I’m 32—I don’t have wrinkles. But I don’t sunbathe, either, because I don’t think it’s healthy. I like to experiment with cleansers, but I think Japanese products are usually the best. – Vika Gazinskaya For intothegloss

3. Russians love good beauty products since renowned cosmetic brands can be bought in Russia, as opposed to in Soviet times when woman had to rely on taking care of themselves with more natural methods. Maybe this can explain why Russian/ ukrainian women have an advantage- they know how to eat, live and be healthy as well as use cosmetics to their advantage.  Their pale skin lets bold lipsticks stand out. Miroslava Duma and Ulyana Sergeenko love using Chanel lipsticks, and what do we notice most when we see a photo of Ulyana Sergeenko..well that would be her famed red/pink lips.

4. Ukrainian women love to dress up their nails, so yes they love to get manicures, or always have a unique design on their nails. Sure nails aren’t much of a beauty secret, but it’s always fun to coat them up with something different from time to time.

5. Olga Kurylenko: she happens to be one of the most beautiful from Ukraine, and although she is considered beautiful I enjoyed this quote where she believed in having a strong work ethic, and that beauty alone pales in comparison.

‘Beauty is not enough. My mother always told me that I couldn’t rely on my looks. She said, ‘If anything is going to get you anywhere, it’s work, work and more work’,’ – Olga Kurylenko 

6. This goes back to one of my earlier points that Russian women at one point couldn’t have the cosmetic products they wanted and would use natural products to enhance their beauty. I read somewhere once that when Anya Ziourova was growing up she would make a face mask out of fresh strawberries and put it onto her face. have I tried this? No, but I have put some sort of fruit on my face in the past. Anyways do you see this Russian women love natural/ organic products!!

 “I used to do a lot of very Russian things, but not so much now. Like, in Russia, we used to put mashed fresh strawberries on our faces. It’s funny—you look like you just came out of a peel that went horribly wrong because you’re all red. But you lie with it on your face for fifteen minutes, and then afterwards, your skin looks all refreshed because strawberries have iron, which is absorbed into your skin. Another thing I used to do when I was younger—I would wash my hair with a mixture of oatmeal bread and milk and a raw egg. This sounds really crazy, but you mash it all together, rub it over your hair, and you leave it on for ten minutes. Then, you wash it off. And your hair becomes really healthy and it actually grows quicker.  –Anya Ziourova for Tatler Russia interview  

7. Never go to bed without washing the makeup off of your face! Miroslava Duma lives by this rule, so do I, and so should you- how can it ever be comfortable to know that you’re sleeping with makeup on your face- your face deserves to breathe, to repair itself, to rest- it doesn’t matter how sleepy you are, you will sleep even better with a fresh face to grace your pillow with :P.

On Miroslava Duma’s Morning Beauty Routine:

“Morning: I clean my face with baby soap, the soap that I wash my son’s face and popka… How do you call it… Bum… ! with. It’s all organic and natural. I use a cream made by my cosmetologist, Lubov Andreenva. She makes the cream herself, it’s all super organic, everything is super free. –Mira Duma for garancedore

8. Healthy habits most Russian/ Ukrainian women swear by- they walk everywhere they go, they even go to the gym, swim or cycle everywhere to get in their daily activity. They have a goods night sleep, eat healthy meals- and enjoy hot soups like borscht (this is how they maintain their fit bodies)!! And of course the Russian woman truly enjoys taking care of herself, some might even enjoy the Banya. The Banya is where you sit in a steam room, and eventually you get hit with branches. nuff said 😛 But that’s not for everyone and there are modern spas available for them to use to their advantage, to get facials, to get massages and relax, and absolve the days stresses. Oh and that branch you get smacked with in the Russian Banya is called a Venik. Everyone loves to get hit by a Venik.

9. Hair care But generally the love for switching up hairstyles, and colours often. Think of how Elena went from dirty blonde to having shorter hair dyed striking platinum!!

10. This beauty tip is from Maria Sharapova. The tennis star always uses sunscreen, lipgloss and stresses the importance of staying hydrated.

11. Fashion, the Russian/ Ukrainian woman will rarely leave home without a good pair of heels to dress up any of her casual Sunday outfits with. Even if she may be grocery shopping, the Russian woman has to look good. And wearing a statement-making outfit helps too 😉

Well, Matryoshka’s maybe these tips will perfect your already beautiful faces and give you an added boost to enjoy the summer “bare”, without worry that your makeup is threatening to run during the uncontrollable summer heat. Enjoy this throwback to low maintenance, enjoy the skin you have. ❤

 What beauty routines do you love? Which has proven to be disastrous? etc, drop your comments below & I hope you had fun with this lengthy post!!



10 thoughts on “Beauty Secrets From Russia & The Ukraine, With Love

  1. It is sometimes difficult to step back from one’s routines to see what is not the custom elsewhere. Well done. I will not try the face slapping, though I know someone who might enjoy assisting in that one…but I will attempt the strawberry mask, while alone! Wearing heels everywhere is something I gave up and then returned to as I missed the feel of owning my space without them. Also appreciate the honesty – it takes walking, the gym, physical movement to stay strong and not just look, but be healthy; timeless beauty advice.


    1. If you’re thinking of trying the strawberry mask you have to be careful not to use products before you try it, of course put it on clean skin, but wait at least a while after you have washed your face with your facial cleanser before you apply the mask- to limit the chance of an allergic reaction (sometimes products don’t mix well- with natural methods). Just in case. And walking in heels is always something of a marvel 😛 I’m not too sure if the strawberry mask will give amazing skin benefits- but let me know what your thoughts are on it- (I’ve only used papaya, honey masks, oatmeal, etc but they were- so so). And your welcome, I never want to give off misleading information..the internet is full of contradictions especially in the beauty department- and to me out of all of these tips/secrets/info yeah the key is in being active, and treating your body well that keeps you healthy and youthful. But also thank you for always checking up on my blog Ret.



  2. This is annoying.. Russian beauty is a silly stereotype. I saw a lot of ugly, unfit, not groomed women in Russia, another 50% were fake blonds with fake boobs and lips, fake tan and those uglyyyyy acrylic nails.. Ofcourse foreign man love you,you look like cheap pornstars, but again what do men know about natural beauty. Please, get off of your ‘high horse’ and open your eyes,there are a lot of really beautiful women around theworld..Fake tan and acrylic nails are not groomingprocess,you dont know how to take care of yourself and you are not beautiful.No offence.


    1. Not all women in Russia dress the way you describe them, the same could be said for a lot of other countries that have made beauty into a commodity.
      My post was trying to touch on the fact of letting yourself be Natural for summer, and that you do not need layers of makeup to be beautiful. However we all have our own ways of making ourselves feel beautiful, and who are we to judge?

      Spasibo for your comment Torie 🙂


  3. Thanks for this beautiful post. I’ll definitely try out the strawberry one. I already started making borscht because my boyfriend is a Russian guy and he likes Russian cuisine (I am a Turk). I have never been to Russia but I know some female relatives of my boyfriend, they all look very pretty so beauty tips from Russian ladies are nice. 🙂


    1. Mereba Zeynap, and you’re welcome 🙂 Spasibo for leaving a comment!
      Borscht is amazing, and takes a lot of effort to make so you’re Russian boyfriend is very lucky to have you!
      Russian men love food, and it’s definitely one of the ways to their hearts 🙂
      (Shuba, Salad Olivier, Kotleti, and stuffed peppers are also other great Russian recipes to try out)


  4. I am Slovenian/Greek and I’ve been called beautiful, but what I always dreamed to have is very long, thick lustrous hair. Not in this lifetime! I refuse to go the fake route with ‘real hair’ extensions. I’ve been around the world and by far the most beautiful women hail from Russia. It’s another octave of gorgeous –


    1. Greece is beautiful!
      Don’t give up hope on having long, luxurious hair!
      I think a lot of things that ruin our hair are flat irons,blow dryers, and harsh shampoos
      in addition missing nutrients in our diets also may be the culprit.


  5. I just got back from my vacation with my fiancé in Russia!! First I’m going to say that it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to, and we travel a lot! Anyway I will admit like anyone, I got self conscious looking at everyone because I’m pregnant and feel huge! (I’m usually very small and fit,everyone says I’m so tiny but to me I’m huge) But the walking in the cold is definitely a plus! I felt and look a lot better after walking for the day! I asked a few women what they use on their face, or most used ? (lotion &soap wise) I’ve been looking for a new one and after going there I need to know!! 🙂

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