Before Ulyana Sergeenko There Was….Lyubov Orlova

Privet! How are all of you? I was looking into a bit of history, and came across an actress and singer who was one of the women who influenced style in Russia. In fact she is known as one of the first of her kind who inspired women to look beautiful. There were times when the Soviet epoch had women thinking that beauty, or obsessing over ones hairstyle was “bourgeoisie”, and there was even a saying that went around that beautiful women “spent all of their time in front of a mirror” (which insinuated that they were not of the working class). However, that attitude shifted, and beauty salons all over Russia began to open. Anyways, back on topic,  before Ulyana Sergeenko, there was the beautiful, and timeless Lyubov Orlova.

imagesFyodor Shalyapin predicted: “You will see this girl will be a great actress!”

Lyubov lead a life according to her own aspirations, she was known for singing beautifully, and dancing with the grace of a ballerina.Her talents, as well as who she dated helped her with her roles in the Russian cinema. She never dreamed of being just someones wife, she had wanted bigger things and gravitated towards the Cinema. The Russian cinema did not only serve the purpose of providing entertainment, but was the place where trendsetting stemmed from.

Through her roles in countless films, Lyubov charmed many, and became one of the first Russian sex symbols. Women took notice of the blonde haired, and blue eyed beauty, envying her bleached tresses. Lyubov was one of the first women who introduced hair bleach, as well as high and bulky hairstyles to Russian women. Lyubov also loved to travel abroad and had made friends with Pablo Picasso to Charlie Chaplin who was rumoured to have paid for Orlova’s plastic surgery as she “hated her wrinkles” and she was obsessed with remaining youthful.


From 1922 to 1925, Orlova took rigorous ballet training at the Moscow Theatrical Technical Secondary School after her time at the Conservatory. She was also concurrently privately tutored in the dramatic arts –CineWiki

In her youth, prior to her years of being an actress Lyubov was born to a family of nobles in Zvenigorod, Moscow region. And it was said that when she was at the age of seven years old Fyodor Shalyapin had predicted: “You will see this girl will be a great actress!”

So matryoshka’s I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post on a Soviet icon, and not even the Iron curtain could prevent women from being women with a desire to look beautiful.  And if you would like to read more about Lyuob you can check out this link for beautifulrus. + There are more images of Lyubov Orlova below!

dancingShe played the female supporting role alongside the Igor Ilyinsky, a wildly popular comic actor at the time. Grigori Aleksandrov took interest in Orlova during production and she eventually married her.[8] Soon after, Orlova gained recognition and became one of the highest paid actresses in the USSR years after. Stalin praised the film and would continue to favorite Orlova and was awarded Honorable Actress of the Russian Federation in 1935 –CineWiki

Lyubov-Orlova-6Orlova’s image of physical beauty and image of refined sophistication was admirable to the Russian as well as foreign audiences.-CineWiki






6 thoughts on “Before Ulyana Sergeenko There Was….Lyubov Orlova

    1. Da!
      It’s also interesting to see style icons from different countries…so many are used to women like the beautiful Sophia Loren, or Marilyn Monroe. Lyubov Orlova on the other hand seems less well known, and I agree it is intriguing!


      1. Yes, that’s even more interesting! I mean, it makes sense that she’s not so well-known, but hearing about the same people over and over also gets tiring 🙂


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