Why You Should Sew Together Your Clip In Hair Extension Wefts

Privet Matryoshkas! Last week my best friend called me to ask if I wanted to purchase another set of clip in hair extensions. In fact she is reasons why I wanted to own hair extensions, without her I probably wouldn’t have given them a second thought! Anyways, she is able to pick up hair extensions from a beauty supplies store (which I don’t have access to). She’s also able to get them at the same price that a salon would be able to get them for, before giving them to their client and charging them more money. I couldn’t resist this tempting offer, and said yes. I now have more clip in hair, and I love it!  It was sort of funny that when she came to my house to give me the hair, she had packed her beautiful camel coloured leather tote full of these clip in extensions. She showed me her original extensions (which I’ve seen countless times, and used to clip onto the faux fur of her stuffed animals).

Next she showed off the new beautiful 11 pcs set she picked up for herself, and then handed over the ones that she had picked out and up for me. I then gave her the money I owed, and it instantly felt like she was my hair dealer, just dealing out that beautiful, 20″ long, luxurious hair. So for the rest of the day, and during our best friend coffee date I kept calling her a hair dealer. She also managed to sell me a ticket for an upcoming fundraiser for displaced Iraqi Christians, you know she probably could be a saleswoman. 😛

IMG_0367My new pack of clip in Hair Extensions is by GBB ( Global Best Beauty), in colour 18 (Pepper Blonde), and 20″ in Length. With Cuticle in tact, 100% Remy. Ps. these are actually pretty amazing and better quality than my Russian Remy Hair extensions. 

Anyways, she taught me something new, and something that she had learned from her aunt years prior. And that is that you should sew your hair wefts together! The reason for sewing wefts together is something you should do because: One you are instantly doubling the thickness of an existing weft, which in turn saves you some time in the end when you go to clip in your extensions or even take them out ( as you will have less clips to deal with). This also allows you to save the clips you took off of the wefts that were sewn together, so in case a clip breaks you have a few spares in reserve for the future. 🙂 Anyways here is the tutorial, it’s really easy but takes some time.

What you need for this DIY/ Tutorial:

1. Seam Ripper

2.Needle & Thread



removing the clips

So my pack came with 8 pieces in total, it had 1 four  clipped weft, 2 three clipped wefts, 1 double clipped weft, and 4 single clipped weft. I picked to sew the 4 single wefts, and turn them into 2 single clipped wefts with double the thickness. I did the same to my 2 three clipped wefts.


sewinggclipsforfutureI also adore that with this colour of hair extensions it gives me that Balayage look. I think I drove my boyfriend nuts with all this hair talk, but in the end he loved the look ( I sent him a million photos as soon as I clipped them, and curled them into my hair).  Hehe, anyways matryoshkas one more thing to consider, which is a good tip to keep in mind with hair extensions is that if you do have medium hair (like me), and you wish to have more length, you will need a lot more hair (unless your hair is fine). I’m actually using 1 full pack of my new pepper blonde extensions with maybe 3 wefts of my ashy blonde Russian extensions to make the hair blend, and make it look like it’s my own hair. I will post pictures of the back of my hair soon, and I will put that up on instagram 🙂

Have an amazing weekend & don’t be shy to leave a comment, or ask any questions!


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