Miroslava Duma’s Yellow Cable knit sweater

Privet, and happy casual sunday Matryoshkas! This Casual Sunday post is all about a yellow, you know that colour we associate with the ripest of lemons, the warmth of the sunshine, optimism and of happiness. Yellow is one of spring 2015’s hottest colours, and it’s also one of the best ways to add punch to any outfit.

Anyways, I haven’t written about Miroslava Duma in so long, and this is one outfit of hers that caught my eye. Mira’s outfit is by Delpozo, and she wore it for Paris Fashion Week F/W 2014. Anyways I love everything about her outfit,  it’s bright, just look at that cozy cable knit sweater! I also find that this sweater look isn’t only for one season wear but can transition from fall/winter and into spring when the weather is still a little chilly. (Believe me, It’s chilly where I am, and I really want to be wrapped in the chunkiest of knits-) The yellow in the cable-knit looks perfect for spring, and will be able to keep you feeling warm! Also if you feel like her pants do have an echoe of fall,  well you can swap them out in favour of a pair of pants that makes your ass look incredible.  Hehe, so What are your spring time favourites at the moment?










8 thoughts on “Miroslava Duma’s Yellow Cable knit sweater

  1. I would wear that sweater and look like an American Football player…I love yellow, but I have a very hard time with certain shades unless I have a tan. The mustard yellow looks best with my skin tone — how exciting, huh…Sigh.


    1. I doubt you could ever look like a american football player! Only mustard yellow? There has to be another yellow for you! It’s funny I dislike wearing purple… Only because I think it makes me look like my mom ( but she’s not ugly, I just like looking like me) or if I wear a certain shade of blue I feel as if I have my dads eyes… Even though his are blue and mine are .. Hazel green.. I will never be able to understand how colour can affect our looks in such ways.. Or remind us of others, or even of American football players :p


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