Summer Tease

Privet! The siren call of summer has been teasing me- from semi visible tan lines to sunshine, it almost felt like summer came early. Last Week I was in what I can only describe as a sun-kissed state of mind that made me go out and pick up neon pink nail polish. When I had finished painting my nails, my fantasy of hot summer nights had started to take a hold of me. But the purchases didn’t stop with the nail polish. I had went out and looked for two new pieces that would make my summer 2015 wardrobe hotter than all the years before.

My inspiration for my newly acquired pieces came from the rare visit of rays from the sun that kissed British Columbia. You see I live in a wet, rainy city and seeing the sun has this instant warming effect on my soul. I may be exaggerating just a little, but it really did feel as if the sunshine brought out my inner summer party- in Rio De Janeiro-girl. The sunshine made me crave bright colours, like the nail polish. I know that it sounds a little crazy to be thinking of summer in the spring time, but as I’ve mentioned, I live in a rainy city, and there are days when it is so cold in the spring (7 degrees) and then the next day it’s hitting 23+. So you can see why I was instantly put into summer mode when the temperatures climbed.

Anyways, when I had made my way into H&M my eyes gravitated towards this tight little dress that I affectionately named “Mexican Blanket”. Although it’s really called the ‘Jurk Dress’, from H&M’s coachella collection. So when I made it home, I pulled out my heels (the ones that I named “Heart pump heels” for they remind me of the colours used in diagrams of the circulatory system ) & I put on my vintage sunglasses, looked in the mirror and saw the look completed, and I just new that I had an instant success on my body hands. I looked as hot as those summer nights I’ve wistfully been imagining.


As for my second wardrobe addition- I picked up my first ever romper (on sale) by Kenneth Cole Reaction. I fell for it’s vintage feel, and the sheer long sleeves that give the top portion of the romper a dressier/ elegant look, while the bottom half is completely casual. I’ve already started to imagine date nights with the boyfriend, where we’re sipping wine and enjoying life, hehe.


Anyways as summer has somehow found a way to tease me in “springtime”- which by the way as I type this the weather has reverted back to it’s cold, and rainy self- I’m back in a sweater and shivering, it doesn’t feel like spring,or even summer but more like a never ending winter. My nail polish is beginning to chip and I’m wondering when the sun will return!!

So, I suppose the moral of this little shopping story is to throw out some style inspiration, and to tell you all to be carefree this summer.  Wear what you want,  be a little eccentric when shopping, and have fun when the sunshine comes to warm up your cities. & I can’t wait to see all of your summer wardrobes, and outfits of the day on WordPress 🙂

touchtheskyReaching for the Sun


Nail Polish: Quo in femme fatale

Romper: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Dress: H&M ( Jurk Dress from H&M

Nail Polish: Quo in Femme Fatale

Sunglasses: Vintage Porsche Carrera’s

Shoes: Bebe

– Zaychishka

6 thoughts on “Summer Tease

  1. Both pieces look like a great deal of fun! My H&M Coachella purchase was the flower headband for a Spring presentation outfit for M. 🙂 — the lace cover-up I wanted was sold out…XO


    1. Thank you!!
      Hehe oh I saw that it looks so fun & whimsical
      I hope M enjoyed the spring presentation 😛

      Oh no, that sucks! It’s so weird because when I was looking through the collection, I was the only one near it and everyone was bypassing it, and I noticed a lot of the red lace see through dress/ cover ups. It’s like how that lady gave me a weird look for buying my dress, usually people here snap up everything…anyways too bad you weren’t over here- you’d be able to get the cover up 😛


  2. It’s never too soon to think about summer in my book! That outfit is awesome…those shoes incredible…I hope you have lots of sunny days so you can wear it again & again. Great blogsite!! Congrats on the Lifestyle entry too, how exciting!

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