Elena Perminova Casual In Paris

It has been ages since I’ve last worked on a Casual Sunday post featuring Russia, and the Ukraine’s best dressed! So to revive Casual Sunday, I’m starting off with a look worn by my style crush, Elena Perminova! During Paris Fashion Week the streets are filled with women who are wearing beautiful ensembles, and yes some opt to wear questionable outfits that only make sense for the intended purpose of street style entertainment.

When I filtered through some of the PFW looks,  and saw Elena Perminova wearing jeans and a coat to a Stella McCartney fashion show, it was a look that stood out it in my mind for being downplayed, and understated- devoid of accessories, and yes casual! Especially for fashion week. The only details a part of the outfit that gave it something different was the pink coat, and those Dior heels.

So what are your thoughts would you be able to pull off a casual look for fashion week, or would you want to go all out and dress up, and try to catch the attention of Tommy Ton?

elena perminova paris fashion weekElena Perminova’s Wearing: Emilio Pucci (pink coat), Versace (top) and Dior (shoes).

Elena Perminova Paris Fashion Week

Elena Perminova Paris Pink Coat Emilio Pucci


3 thoughts on “Elena Perminova Casual In Paris

    1. Wearing jeans is pretty casual ( but jeans don’t define casual) I just found the entire outfit to be so relaxed, with a loose coat, not so tight jeans ( especially for fashion week) and there is also a lack of accessories… And her makeup is not overdone.. It’s such a minimalistic look ( imo) that I perceive it as casual… And something that you could wear to coffee with friends… Not to wear out for an evening dinner. There’s so many variations of casual ( like dressy casual.. Lol )


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