Spring Cleaning On Zaychishka Style

Privet Matryoshkas! Right now I feel as if I’m facing the challenge of cleaning out my closet, I think that’s the best way to describe the feeling I’m having right now.  If you’ve noticed anything about my blog today you’ll see that I’ve changed my theme. So I am officially apologizing to you all for unleashing the disheveled chaos onto your eyes. If you’re curious I picked out the Zuki theme, and am playing around with the widgets, and slider function on the Home page (which is where most of the mess is/ trying to be contained :P). I feel like this is a lot of work even though if one were to see me in person at this exact moment, you’d see a girl wearing her lululemon top and Victoria’s Secret sweat pants, typing away on her keyboard looking like a mad typist. But I could secretly be watching netflix and to the average eye it looks like I’m being really damn lazy today. I fall victim to lazy days once in a while too ..& shhh keep that part about the sweat pants a secret between us hehe 🙂

So after months of wishing for a change to come to my blog, it’s happened! I’m hoping to achieve a few things with this new theme and the layout:

1) I hope my blog will be aesthetically more pleasing on your eyes, and if there is anything that you hate/ dislike/ are frustrated with please feel free to let me know! & I will try my best to fix any griefs. hehe

2). It is the best time of year to do some spring cleaning, and since my actual closet has been renovated/cleaned I’m taking spring cleaning out on my blog!

3). I’m hoping to make my blog look a little bit more professional, inject some easy navigation into it and hope to make all of you and myself included happy with the end results.

4). If you have any questions about the Zuki theme you can ask me, but I’m not a wordpress technician but I can tell you from my experience what it’s like to transfer over to a new theme, and how overwhelming it can be! Make sure that when you take on this task that a mason jar full of water and lemon slices goes a long way and will keep you hydrated throughout this stressful process.

5) You guys can still browse, comment, and utilize the search bar at the top (just look for the little magnifying glass). So Zaychishka Style is not going to go offline, but will be a functioning blog like an ordinary closet functions when ones made a giant mess of it. Instead of shoes being everywhere, it’s the widgets, posts, sidebar etc! And thank you for your patience !

xo Zaychishka

spring cleaninggg

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