An Evening Gown For A Summer Wedding

Privet! I know that I often keep mentioning the upcoming summer wedding, but today I’m finally unveiling the dress that I picked out. It is the dress that I bought online through net-a-porter back in the middle of January, and till this day I’m still head-over heels for this electric blue, floor length evening gown (and have not changed my mind, it looks so amazing on :P). Anyways, to be honest I’m unsure of how to classify my personal style, sometimes I enjoy looks that have rocker and edgy elements ( like Elena Perminova), and then there are days when I want a look that is more feminine. I just wear whatever my mood calls for.

For the wedding I felt like channeling Queen Rania of Jordan’s style while deciding on a look. I love the Russian it girls, but I also have a lot of other women on my style-admire-ing list, with Queen Rania being one of them. I love that she knows how to dress with an understated elegance, and my dress in a way resembles that. It’s understated, with a colour that looks amazing with my hair and skin tone. It’s light weight, and perfect for a hot evening, while the sheer mesh bottom gives the dress that flowy movement when I walk. The movement of a garment is almost just as important as the way a dress forms to your body. And speaking of the way a dress looks on ones body, I love that this dress sits nicely on my bum!

Now for any of you who are curious! The brand of the evening gown is by Halston Heritage and it is a Ponte, satin and stretch-georgette gown! I do need to have it tailored because it is too long, and a little big-I don’t mind because I really like the idea of having a dress tailored to my body, it might even feel custom made in the end. As for the shoes, I’m pairing the dress with the latest addition to my wardrobe and that is with my Valentino Rockstuds. The only thing left for me to find is a clutch that pops, and I’m craving something neon.As for accessories I may only wear earrings, as I intend to wear my hair down, to be styled with my hair extensions by my hair stylist!

Halston Heritage Dress


Above: A closer look of the mesh bottom!


Dress: Halston Heritage

Shoes: Valentino Rockstuds, patent leather in Naples.

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