Part 3: Vancouver Fashion Week Backstage

Privet Matryoshkas! This is the last post about VFW for the fall/winter 2015 showcase! This post is all about covering behind the scenes, to show you a glimpse of what it looks like behind the runway. Expect to see shoes laying everywhere, and racks of clothing just waiting to be worn by the models before the audience sees. Backstage is also the place where you can talk to the designers, and watch how they prepare for their runway debuts.

 The Shoes:



 Models becoming runway ready:


IMG_4333 2


The Designers & Their Collections:

IMG_4353 2

This is the lovely Gala Limon , she is a designer from Mexico whom my best friend and I had met while sitting in front row. We also enjoyed watching the Noe Bernacelli show with her! So the next day when her show was to take place I decided to wait backstage to get a sneak peak of her collection, before the models took to the runway. I of course also got a few quotes from her about her collection she named Mexican Fairies, and that part is featured on

IMG_4322The models wearing Gala Limon’s Mexican Fairies Collection 

Zuzana Hrubos’s Pulse


And I stopped by to talk to Zuzana Hrubos  a designer from Slovakia, her collection is called pulse and it is meant to protect the wearer from wifi waves, and all that bad stuff that could be affecting us since technology has become such a big part of our lives. I also write more about Zuzana’s collection called Pulse on



 More from the Runway…





Hope you enjoyed the VFW posts! All photo credit  in this post goes to my handsome photographer 🙂 Don’t forget to check out part 1 & 2 of the VFW series, + feel free to like and comment on these posts. – Zaychishka

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