A Little Valentino Splurge…

There is so much on the internet dedicated to shoe porn reminding us that we each have a Carrie Bradshaw hidden within us, and some of us like to live by Marilyn Monoroe’s famous saying of  “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. It’s hard to understand how shoes of all things can have such an impact on us. Men even get sucked into the allure of high heels, and they love their women in them. It’s just something so strange, but something we love, and want more of. It’s also  perfectly acceptable to believe that there is no such thing as owning too many pairs of shoes. So matryoshkas today’s post will involve a little bit of the Italian in me, starting with a gift my mother gave to me recently and that is a pair of Italian designed shoes, by Valentino Garavani. If you’ve seen my instagram account lately then you already know that I now have Valentino Rockstud fever!!

Anyways my mom is sensible when it comes to shopping, and she has always taught me the Italian way of buying things. (I’m half Italian and half Ukrainian, & my mom is full Italian) Now when it comes to buying shoes, they have to be both leather and something that won’t act as a torture device on my feet. When I slipped the Valentino rockstuds onto my feet, they felt remarkably comfortable for a shoe with a 4″ heel. They also have a T-strap, and I love a good high heel with a strap for the sole purpose of never having to worry of falling out of the shoe, especially if dancing might be in the itinerary. The shoes also can expose quite a bit of your toes, which apparently according to my mother is considered “sexy”. She was telling me stories of how her Zia (aunt who has incredible style) would always wear high heels that exposed a bit of the toes.  

Valentino Rockstuds Naples/ Yellow Patent leather

Anyways I’m only going to be wearing these heels out for special occasions, and that includes the upcoming bridal shower and summer wedding. I also promise that I will be revealing my dress! & I love that these heels can serve as not only a fashion statement, but as a memento reminding me of my mom, and all of our shopping trips/ time spent with one another. And who knows maybe I’ll make these shoes into a family heirloom, if I don’t wear them out first 😛

I also have to confess that I love that Elena Perminova owns a pair of these also. If any of you know me, then you know she is my style crush. But she is not the reason for me wanting these, or putting them on my style wishlist. I just can’t explain why I was so attracted to these shoes, I think I just find them to have an “attitude”, which matches me perfectly. 😛

ElenaPerminovaGiambattistaValli.jpgElena Perminova wearing Valentino Rockstuds in leather and  PVC

Anyways I hope you enjoy the Images of my Valentinos, and if you have any questions about the Rockstud heels, I hope I will be able to answer any of your questions. Also if you’re curious, the painting/canvas is of Sophia Loren, she is of course a timeless, Italian style icon! Apparently my Nonno had the “hots” for her. Also Sophia Loren is actually great friends with the designer Valentino, and I have this massive painting/canvas of her up in my room I just couldn’t resist pairing her with my Valentinos, they go so well together.

ValentinoRockstudsYellow.jpgI think the quality of sexiness comes from within. It is something that is in you or it isn’t and it really doesn’t have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips.

– Sophia Loren



Anyways matryoshkas what is on your wishlist, and what do you want to splurge on?


10 thoughts on “A Little Valentino Splurge…

      1. You are 100% right because everyone who has them has them in red or black. So boring to look like everyone! Yellow is perfect. May be I should settle for green as you already have yellow! LOL. I don’t have the money


      2. Oh no don’t let me stop you from going for yellow :p every season they keep bringing out new colours… And I did happen to see olive green ones. But if you ever want to get them for cheaper since the cad dollar is down and you live in Alaska… If you ever decide to drive to bc, vancouver specifically check out holt Renfrew ( we are getting a Nordstrom but it’s not finished construction yet) you will be able to get a few hundred off with the exchange rate hahah.

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