Part 2: Vancouver Fashion Week Guests & Gifts


Privet lovely Matryoshkas, are you ready for part 2 of VFW? As you know it cannot be a true fashion week without seeing at least some of the attending guests outfits. So in short this post is dedicated to the guests and also to the giveaways/ freebies. The event was sponsored by My Skye Berry Pie and they gave out gifts throughout the week. I got a cute little gift box from them that included a pineapple bath bomb, a vegan lipgloss, chapstick, gift certificates and discounts to local shops. So that kind of was nice to receive! Anyways as some of you may know my best friend came with me to two consecutive days at VFW pretending to be my “assistant” haha, and my boyfriend attended the event with me also on two seperate occassions and he posed as my “photographer”. So for when me and my best friend went it felt like a girls night mixed with a fashion night out vibe, we dressed up and on we went to enjoy this rare Vancouver event.

It’s honestly so much more fun when you get to go with your best friend to an event, so you can talk about what the people are wearing, as well as thoughts on each runway show. I feel like looking, and discussing others outfits is something so fun, and girlfriends really tend to bond over this type of stuff. So we had fun looking at all the crazy ensembles, but her and I are still fascinated by a fashion duo, whom are sisters! They consider themselves hedonists and they had the most chic looks throughout the week, and I of course have uploaded a few of their images so you guys can know who I’m referring to and see their style for yourselves! The funny thing is that me and my bestie always sat across from them. I think they even noticed us staring at them quite a few times. Also when the sisters would leave we would take over their seats- and we just couldn’t help but pretend to be their style rivals. These sisters wore vibrant lipstick shades, and so did me and friend, And we feel like sisters half the time so we were like “oh we’re definitely their rivals” as the big joke throughout the evening. ( We both wore mac, my best friend wore the shade heroine which really suits her, and I wore all fired up which is my favourite shade from the mac lipsticks)


Also for VFW there is quite a few intermissions in between shows, which gives people time to grab some food, alcohol, attempt a bathroom break, or just talk amongst one another- which btw this is also the best time to secure a spot in front row and your media pass will let you stay there, so don’t sweat no one will be kicking you or your “assistant” out of those seats, haha. So for the intermission we talked to a few people, Marilyn Wilson included, she happens to be an editor and has written a book she has some interesting style, and supports local designers. I also took photos of the shoes and some wild outfits so enjoy them! Also don’t think that this is what Vancouverites wear on a daily basis, our style is like everyone else, but when their is fashion week and people want to show off that street style this is the end result:


Anything that is faux fur, related or a statement piece that one can wear on their head was so common to see at this seasons VFW.

IMG_3868Fun, and stand out footwear is a must at fashion week! The crazier it is, the better.


My best friend and I actually couldn’t stop starring at these two for they looked so chic, and their headpieces made for great conversation. Yes, these are the two sisters that I was referring to in the first part of this post. Just look at them, what a lovely & fun take they have on fashion. And did I mention Chic? hehe.


Her outfit was unique, and she wore a black cat handbag, and I of course could not resist asking her permission to take her photo.

guestmarilyndenisssssAt left is Marilyn Wilson! I have forgotten the other two by name, so I apologize if you happen to stumble across this post!


Look at the lovely Ukrainian colours on his jacket, Haha I don’t think he wore the jacket for that reason, but I took a photo of this anyway, his styles pretty intense!


I think Marilyn Wilson is in this image again too! Yeah, see what I mean when I said that headpieces were a common sight. So if you come to VFW wear something a little bit ridiculous!

I also forgot to mention that another interesting freebie that I received was at the end of Paloma Sanchez’s jewelry show. Gifts were distributed to the front row, and for vip’s and I got a necklace that has a delicate looking gold chain, attached to a massive rock that might be quartz, or even candy since yes…I decided to lick it. I don’t know what provoked me, I guess you can blame those rock candies and it shared some similarities to it, but yeah it tasted sweet? So to tell the truth I have no idea if it is rock or a candy. 😛






 Anyways, there will be a Part 3 and that is about behind the scenes at Vancouver Fashion Week! + how I met designers Gala Limon (Mexico) and Zuzana Hrubos (Slovakia)! So stay tuned! 🙂 Also my article with WSI went live today so if you’d like to read that it does have some quotes from Gala Limon herself, anyways here is that link : Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2015

Xo Zaychishka

7 thoughts on “Part 2: Vancouver Fashion Week Guests & Gifts

    1. Thanks it was!!
      Haha I’m too scared to truly find out if it is. It’s kind of cool and I want to keep it..
      if i ever wear it out I’ll make sure it’s not on a rainy day 😛


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